Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

Saturday, we went to get Howard's car worked on in Paducah. We walked over to the bar next door to kill some time while we were waiting. We hadn't been there in a while so I was catching up with the bartender when she told me what she thought was a really juicy piece of gossip. Except I already knew the gossip. It was soooo last week. I ended up giving her more information then she had previously known. Just another reminder how small this town really is. I just hope none of the gossip is ever about me. Not that there is anything to say about me...I'm perfect ;)

Howard was talking to his best friend later that afternoon about the Wii and downloading old school games onto it. I took this as a challenge to get our Wii hooked up to the Internet before he got off the phone. It only took me about 15 minutes. We started looking at all the games you could get and we were getting really excited. And then I realized that we are nerds. We ended up buying a couple and while we were in the middle of playing one, our power went off. For no reason. It was a clear night. No wind, no rain, no clouds. It stayed off for about 45 minutes. I called the power company and they had no explanation, just that they were working on it. It brought back some very vivid memories of the ice storm though.

We watched Saturday Night Live later on that night once we got power back. Howard has always disliked Justin Timberlake. But after J.T. hosted the show, he had a change of heart. He thought the song he did with the love of my life, Andy Sandberg and the liposuction song were great. I think it was very painful for him to admit he liked him. He even made me rewind them a couple of times to replay them.

I really don't have much to say about Sunday. We are nerds so we acted like nerds and played some dumb video game most of the day. At least we can be nerdy together! I wish I could have been home with my mom on her special day but I haven't made enough money to buy my own private jet yet. Maybe next year.

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