Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday's the New Monday...

Which just means more randomness.

Surprisingly, our weekend was pretty tame. We went to the bar on Friday after work and met up with some friends. One of the guys had his foot run over by a car earlier in the week so we had a good time making fun of him for that. Luckily his foot didn't break but he had to get 9 stitches to close it up. He showed us pictures that he had taken with his phone. They were extremely nasty. I told him to send them to my phone so I could use them to diet. Whenever I'm hungry, I can just look at the pictures and lose my appetite. The pounds will just fall off!

The guy who called me out as the Mega Touch Girl from the bar was also there. He had to been to my work earlier in the day to drop off some paper. I wasn't in when he got here so one of the employees punched in his weight for the scale ticket. I didn't notice that he had also punched in "Jailers" in the description section of the ticket where I would normally put "Paper". When the guy from the bar comes here, he sometimes brings inmates from the jail to help him unload but he doesn't work for the jail. So he comes up to me and asks me what is up with the jailer description to which I have no response for because I have no idea what he's talking about until he pulls it out of his pocket. We got a good laugh. And I didn't play any Mega Touch. Well, I didn't put any money in at least.

Saturday, we went over to the soccer fields and ran around for a bit. Howard joined a soccer league so he's trying to get back in shape. And hopefully getting me in shape as well in the process. He might have his first game tonight. I'm hoping it's Thursday though because I really want to get home and make sure my house is still in tact but I don't want to miss the first game either.

Sunday, it was raining and the bbq we were planning on going to at 1 pm was pushed back to 5 pm. We went to Outback for lunch and ordered a heart attack. I had a free coupon for that stupid Bloomin Onion that was about to expire at the end of the month so we obviously had to use it. Why do they taste so good? I didn't feel so bad when a couple sat down next to us and also ordered one. I also felt a lot better when they finished theirs and we didn't. The chick even put more salt on it.

We went to the bbq and we were by far, the youngest ones there. The guy closest to our age was 37. But old people sure know how to throw down. The lady that was hosting the party was drinking water when I got there or so I thought. Until I saw her open a new bottle of water, take a swig and then pour vodka into it. Her husband had all sorts of different liquors and one of his hobbies is coming up with new shots. I had to bow out after 2. Thank goodness I wasn't driving. The house was amazing though. Not amazing like my sorority sister Eve's new house but amazing because of how it was decorated inside and out. I told her that when we finally buy a place out here, I want her to help me decorate.

On the way to the bbq, we passed a "house" that was in shambles. Howard pointed it out but I didn't get a good look because I was looking at the woman outside of the house. We learned later that the woman lives alone in this "house". It's not a house, well at least not by normal standards. It's built with stuff. It has dirt floors, no power or water or plumbing. There is a cadillac inside the house and a truck outside holding up the left wall. It's made with pallets and sticks and anything she can find. If something falls off and there is a hole, she finds something else to cover the whole and nails it in place. The roof is caving in. She gathers sticks everyday and burns them in a little grill to make food. And she's happy. Waves to the neighbors as they drive by. I wanted to get a picture so bad but I just couldn't do it. I didn't feel like it was right. But that won't stop me from driving a little slower past it next time to get a better look.

I arrived at work this morning to find that my office had flooded over the weekend which was pleasant. I also found out that the truck driver that works for us was robbed sometime over the weekend while he was at the lake. He came home to find his safe busted open and over $50K missing. Why he had $50K+ in a safe, I don't know. It's actually his step-sons money that he has been saving for over 10 years. He must not believe in banks...Nothing else in the house was touched so the person obviously knew what they were after and where it was which means it was someone they know. Sucks...

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  1. LOL your writing style cracks me up "we ordered a heart attack." You definitely have to get a picture of that "house"! Sounds very creative.