Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's Happenings

Thinking of titles sucks...

I had my tick bite check up this afternoon and I'm all clear!! The antibiotics worked really well and he was astonished how fast they cleared up. So no lancing for me. I have to keep an eye out though because apparently I can get other infections from just touching the area that was infected and then touching somewhere else on my body.

Billy Bob (from my previous post) brought me flowers today. How sweet! Who cares if they are made from paper, bent and dirty and obviously found in one of the paper recycling trailers at the plant. It's the thought that counts...

A guy from a neighboring county's recycling center came by today to drop off some paper. It was his first time here. He walked in and I was telling him the process he needed to go through, when he suddenly interrupted me to tell me I look familiar. I politely shook my head because I get that a lot around here, usually followed by the question, "What high school did you go to?" Instead he says, "Do you go to Nick's?" Some random guy recognizes me from the bar I frequent that is 30 miles away from here. To make it worse, he says "Yeah, you're the Mega Touch girl!" So what if I'm slightly addicted to the Mega Touch game. It goes good with Bud Light. But to be recognized as the Mega Touch girl from Nick's...not cool.

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  1. HA HA HA Mega Touch Girl!!! I love it! Jen and I used to hang at Chili's a lot and we had a couple approach us and ask us if we were Les Jen. They knew us by our Mega Touch name!!! I need to play more Mega Touch!