Friday, May 8, 2009

KY Weather

So on top of Western KY just being a strange place to live, they also have some very strange weather. Sometime early this morning, I was awakened by what I thought was a bomb exploding in our bedroom. It was only thunder but it sounded like a million M16s going off on our roof. It lasted about an hour and was pretty fun to listen to but it reminded me of how odd the weather can be here.

Last February, Howard experienced a tornado while he was away for work and staying at a hotel about 2 hours from here. It went right through the hotel across the street from where he and his co-worker were staying. They took these pictures the next morning.

Power lines, trees and a dumpster in the middle of the road.

The tornado went directly through the middle of this house.

Then early one morning in April of last year, I woke up when I started shaking in my bed. It was around 4 am so I was dazed but I felt like the room was moving. I laid there for a while wondering if it was all a dream and eventually went back to bed. I heard on the radio later that morning while driving to work that we had had an earthquake.

In September of last year Hurricane Ike struck and though we were not hit by the actual hurricane, the hurricane winds were pretty severe. On the morning of my birthday I was walking Jack when I heard a crack and half a tree came crashing down 50 feet from us. There was debris flying all over the place and I swear Jack got air at one point. One of the windows on the retirement home across the street had been blown out and glass was all over the road. I spent that birthday inside in the relative safety watching football. Who am I kidding, I would have spent my birthday like that despite the storm.

But the worst was this past January. The 2009 Ice Storm. I still have nightmares about it. But that might just be brain damage from the 2 ft. chunk of ice that fell off a power line right onto my noggin. We didn't have power for 4 days. I couldn't work for a week because my office didn't have power either. And we were lucky. I know people who went a month without power. This happened in late January and they are still now, in May, clearing debris from this storm.

Downed power line in Paducah.An annihilated tree.
Right hand lane of I-24 (70 mph road).
Tree on house.

So we've got a tornado, earthquake, hurricane winds and an ice storm. I wonder what will happen next...

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  1. wow that's insane! I had no idea about the terrible ice storms there. Glad you were ok even after the ice hit you on the head!