Friday, May 15, 2009

The Hot Wing Challenge

One of the things I miss most about VA is my second home, Buffalo Wing Factory or "The Spot" as Matt, Jeannette and I prefer to call it. Nothing beats dollar beers and a kids portion of extra-crispy, all shank Szechaun wings with a plate of celery and extra chunky bleu cheese. BWF is home of the Flatliner. You need to sign a waiver to eat those wings. I have many memories of watching idiots attempt to scarf down a plate of these wings and most of them end in hilarity. Like the guy who ate 3 and then went to the bathroom to throw up. I never found out if he threw up or not but I know he used the bathroom without washing his hands. He came out crying and told his girlfriend they had to leave. AWESOME.

So imagine my excitement when I found out the bar we go to here was starting the "Hot Wing Challenge". 10 Firehouse wings in 10 minutes. They said they were getting the sauce in on Thursday (yesterday) so Howard and I went up there after work to watch two guys we know attempt the challenge. Before they could even start, three guys at a table behind us ordered them. The whole bar had turned to watch them. I had visions of blood, sweat and tears and pure agony. Yep, no such luck. All three of them finished in under 10 minutes. I think I saw a bead of sweat on a forehead. One guy did it in 4 minutes and 24 seconds. What kind of challenge is it when everyone wins? I wanted to see FAILURE. Another guy decides he wants a go at it. He takes his time, comes in under 10 minutes and licks his fingers when he's done. So now they've given out 4 plates of free wings and 4 t-shirts. I hope they realize this isn't going to be good for business. The two guys we were with also give it a go and surprise, surprise, they finish as well, one coming in at 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

So I talked to the manager and told her all about this glorious place back home where there is a waiver and only 8 names on the Wall of Flame because it's nearly impossible to do. She thinks maybe they should change the time limit to 5 minutes instead of 10. As nicely as possible, I let her know that she would be making it more of an eating contest rather then about the wings themselves. Make it hotter. It's simple. Otherwise a lot of people are going to be eating for free. Hell, I might even try it to get a free meal.

Jeannette and I at "The Spot"

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