Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Night Flood

After I posted the blog yesterday morning about the weather, Howard called me at work to tell me we were having the biggest thunderstorm in a decade. Hail and 80+ mph winds. YAY! It looked like it was midnight at noon. The storms lasted about 3 hours and then it was sunny again so I figured no big deal.

Last night when I went to take Jack out at about 10 pm, my neighbor told me the area was flooding. He pointed down the street where a bunch of people were outside and even from a distance at 10 pm, I could tell they were standing in water. Only one problem. They were on the road. The water was coming up from a creek in the back of the 4 townhouses at the end of our street.

So Howard and I walked down there and helped them push their cars out. Well he helped, I stood along the side of the road splashing about in the water. But at least they knew where the side of the road ended so they wouldn't push their car off it. After all their cars were safe and they were going back inside, I decided it would be a great idea to go get my camera.

Howard didn't want to come back down there with me which I'm grateful for now. I was trying to get close to this fire hydrant so I could take a picture of it covered in water when my feet slipped out and I fell straight onto my back into the water. I looked around and saw no one and then started laughing at myself. I was only able to do this because miraculously, I had raised my hand with the camera up into the air and it hadn't gotten wet. At that point, I was done with picture taking though.

I walked down there this morning with Jack and most of the water had receded back into the creek so hopefully none of the houses were damaged.

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  1. whoa! Even more crazy weather! Glad you are ok after that slip (and your camera too!) :)