Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random KY Experiences (that did not happen in cultured Louisville or Lexington)

A few random experiences that have made me extremely grateful my parents raised me in PA and VA:

About a month after I first started this job last January, my boss hired a young guy to build us a dust collecting box for our lab. Basic carpentry skills was all that was needed. He was about 22 years old and extremely cute. He had all his teeth! So one day when he was on his break, he sat down in my office and we had a conversation. It went like this:

Young Guy: So where are you from?
Me: Right outside of D.C.
Young Guy: mean in California?
Me: No, that's the O.C., I mean Washington, D.C.
Young Guy: ........
Me: You know, our nation's capital?
Young Guy: What's a nation?
Me: (getting up and pointing at the huge map on the wall) It's right here, it's the capital of the United States
Young Guy: Oh, well I'm not a geology major
Me: Yep, you sure aren't

Howard and I were looking for a place to eat in downtown Paducah one afternoon. We drove by a little restaurant that had a blackboard sign out front advertising their specials. For $2.95 you could have a Grilled Chesse! We don't say cheese anymore now, we only say chesse. We are trying to fit in.

One of my employees called in sick not too long ago. He told me he had a mind grain. I said "You mean a migraine?" He says "No, a MIND GRAIN, it's like when you have a really bad headache" and then laughed at me.

The local newspaper, The Paducah Sun, has articles that have typo after typo and some of the stories just end in the middle of a sentence. I was reading a very interesting article about Tony Stewart (Nascar) in the paper one day and in mid-sentence, the story stopped. No big deal, I will find the ending somewhere else in the paper. Nope, nowhere. Howard and I scoured the paper from front to back and top to bottom. I should probably go apply to be the editor there.

At Paducah's Friday's restaurant, they have the NTN game where you get a little blue box and answer questions shown on the TV. We were sitting next to a guy playing when a question about Les Miserables came up. He looked utterly puzzled and yelled out "What the hell is less miserables?" OK, OK so maybe not everyone knows how it's pronounced, but we still found it rather humerous.

I could go on and on and on. A realtor that Howard met while searching for a house when he first moved here said it best. "We don't focus much on readin and writin in these parts". Sad thing is, I am getting used to it and starting not to notice these things anymore...


  1. *sigh*....Please don't assume that this is how the entire state is ... Louisville and Lexington are very progressive cities and are high on culture and the arts...the area you are in sounds to be high on frogs and lima beans...

  2. I'll be the first to tell you when you start slipping. Promise.

  3. Thanks P.J.! BTW, I need a Friday Waster sent out everyday...

  4. wow those are hysterical! Must have been major culture shock.