Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animal Lover

Itchie brought me a box one day this past winter. When I peered into the box, I saw two tiny kittens. My heart melted. He told me that they had found them in a trailer they were taking paper off of. There had been another one but Billy Bob had run over it with the forklift by accident. I have never had a cat though and I have no idea how to take care of them plus I knew there was no way Howard would let me keep them. I called a local veterinarian and asked what I should do with them. She informed me that the kittens were newborns and no one would take them. She suggested I put them back where they were found. I told her that was impossible as that trailer was now being loaded with insulation to be sent out. She basically told me there was nothing she could do and said to try and find them a home. I asked around to see if anyone here was willing to take them but only Billy Bob said he would and I didn't trust him. I then called the animal shelter and they told me to bring them in. When I got there, the lady at the counter told me they were too small and she couldn't take them. I couldn't help but start crying. It was freezing and raining outside and I couldn't picture leaving them outside to freeze to death. Enter Liz. Liz was a volunteer there and just happened to be nearby. She saw me crying and came over to see what was wrong. She then offered to take them home with her. I ended up having to pay $40 for them to be taken in by her since I wasn't a resident of the county. She had to drive me to the ATM because for some reason, I still couldn't stop crying. On the way, I discovered she was a groomer and she also boards dogs occasionally. I got her card and ended up taking Jack to her a couple weeks later. She gave him the works and didn't charge me a dime since I had had to pay for the kittens to be "adopted". While I was there the two kitties each found a place on top of my shoes and hung on while I walked around. Too cute!

During the ice storm, Howard and I were outside grilling in the freezing cold just so we could have a hot meal. A dog wandered up to us and started hanging around our front door. We brought it some food and water but the dog was so well-groomed and mannered, we figured it belonged to someone so we left it alone. The next morning, he was still outside our door. Howard was at work and I was off since we still didn't have power at my office. Howard had told me that under no circumstance was I allowed to let the dog in. I don't listen very well. I let the dog inside and he found a place on the carpet and passed out for 24 hours. Howard couldn't help but feel bad for him so he let me keep him. We thought he was about 3 years old at first but the following morning when his energy returned, we realized that he was about 3 months old. I took his picture and posted signs at the grocery store, gas station, laundromat and other places around town. A woman called and said she was not the owner but she had seen the dog around and wanted to take him in but we beat her to it. She told Howard she had a large, fenced-in backyard and a playful 2 year pitbull. She said she would put up her own signs around town in case he did have an owner. We decided that it would be best if "Jake", as we started calling him, had room to run and grow so we let her have him. I noticed my signs were pulled down but new ones never went up in their place...Can't say that I blame her.

Last night, I saw a dog outside roaming around. Later on, I saw him again and I called him over. He was way too skinny so I got some food and water but he only seemed interested in the water. Howard came outside and took one look at him and said, "He's mine." So now we have another dog in the house. Jack isn't too fond of "No Name" yet. He pretty much has stayed in his corner as if to say, this is my bed, don't touch it. We are guessing he's still a puppy and I have no idea what the house will look like this afternoon when I get home from work. He slept as soon as we let him in last night and didn't wake up until this morning. I made Howard sleep on the couch just to make sure he didn't wake up and start tearing the place up in the middle of the night. He's about the same size of Jack right now, just a little more muscular. Ideas for a name?


  1. Aww you guys are animal lovers! I'm glad that the kitties, Jake, and "no name" have all found good homes. He is such a cute doggie! He looks like a Max to me :)

  2. Oh, what an adorable little puppy...it looks kind of like a Beagle...were you able to find a home for it?