Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeannette!!


Who would have thought that the two of us would ever become the friends we are today? No one. In fact, I think some people are still surprised. Our shared hatred of one another blossomed into this amazing friendship in just a short period of time. We owe this wonderful phenomenon to our mutual addiction to Glory Days and beer (and the fact that no one else wanted to hang out with either of us on a random Tuesday night). The years we lived together on Gable provided some of my most cherished (and hysterical) memories. I love you like a sister and miss you more than you know. I wish I could be there with you tonight to celebrate. Drink a Buttery Nipple (or 28) for me!

Love you,


PS. Happy Birthday to you too Michael!!! (make sure to buy Netty the Buttery Nipples for me and throw in a couple for yourself, and yes, I know, I owe you a ton when I come home in August).

PPS. Relax Mom, a Buttery Nipple is just a mild shooter. You should try one. You'd like it!

Jeannette & Michael

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