Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday I learned that the maintenance guy that I highly respect and admire for his hard-work and amazing dedication to his job might not be all he's cracked up to be. "Mike" is a 45ish, black, married man who appreciates how hard I work and in my opinion, is NOTHING like some of the guys that work here (like John and Billy Bob from a prior post). Mike has been married for approximately 15 years and to my knowledge, loves his wife dearly or that's what he's always told me. He has been known to put on a pimp suit (he has one in every color, I've seen pictures!) and go to the club near his house on Saturday nights to flirt with the young ladies but his wife is OK with this and sometimes goes with him. He drinks a coke in a clear glass so everyone thinks he's having a jack and coke. He's been sober for over 20 years. So then why is he hanging out with John on weekends now?

John spends his money on booze, drugs and whatever girl wants a bang for a buck. I gave him his paycheck for $258.00 Friday afternoon when he left work and by 10 pm on Saturday night, he was out of money. Mike lives over 30 minutes away from where John hangs out. And if he doesn't drink, the only thing I can figure is he's going out there for drugs or women. I can't even decide which one makes me feel better. Neither. They both upset me.

Today, Mike was in my office when a car pulled up front. It was a young girl from the local high school coming in to drop off some paper. I looked at Mike staring at her and told him to stop drooling and close his mouth. He says to me, "But I'm a man!" I took this as the opening to ask him about hanging out with John. He said "When Mama ain't giving it to me at home, sometimes you have to go elsewhere." Oh, the disappointment.

I just don't get people. Cheating is so wrong. There is a server at the bar we go to who was talking to this 67 year old guy sitting next to us on Saturday and Howard couldn't help but overhear their conversation. It went something like this:

Customer: Did you have a good night last night?
Ho-bag: Yeah, I stayed up until about 4:30 am because the husband is out of town.
Customer: Well who were you hanging out with then?
Ho-bag: Some guy, I don't think you know him.
Customer: Did you have a good time?
Ho-bag: Twice!

I really didn't like the girl to begin with but that was enough to make me despise her.

On a lighter note :) We might be meeting up in Bristol this weekend with Ashley and Jason for some camping and good times! I know I said I wouldn't ever go camping again but I've all but forgotten about those tick bites and besides, Ashley is worth a little pain. Last time we went, we got a cabin and had a great time so I'm really hoping it works out this weekend!

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