Friday, December 3, 2010

Well, Hello World

How've you been?  Good to see you, my old friend (name that song).

Soooo yeah, it's been forever since I've come on to update here.  I could come up with a million excuses but I'll just stick to I suck lately.  Plain and simple.

Moving on...


Early in November one night, I was watching tv in the family room.  Howard comes running in from the garage asking if I heard a loud crash.  He swore something happened outside.  He takes the flashlight and goes out onto the porch to look for the source of the noise but we can't see anything with the measly flashlight beam in the pitch black.  Then we see highbeams light up the field across the street from us.  Except these highbeams are coming from the middle of the field themselves.  A place they do not belong.  Howard calls out to the driver to ask if he's alright and the man yells rather incoherently back about having a driver on the way to get him.  Not 10 seconds later, a car comes speeding down the road and stops to pick him up.

Obviously we decided to go investigate what happened once he was gone.  It seems he missed the curve in the road and drove straight off the 5 foot ledge into our neighbor's field.  His front right tire was bent sideways and the front part of his truck was completely smashed in where he had hit the ground nose first.  It was obvious he left in a rush as all the windows were down and doors unlocked.  All of the items that were once in his truck bed were scattered throughout the field.  The truck still had not been moved the following morning so I was able to snap a pic from our porch.


The day before the local elections were held, I was driving down our road on my way to work.  I was going through the 25 mph residential zone when I saw a truck coming towards me.  It suddenly stopped in the road.  I proceeded towards the truck when all of a sudden the police lights came on and I realized it was the sheriff (the only police officer in our entire town).  He drove slowly at me then stopped with the radar gun pointed in my face.

Officer:  34 in a 25mph zone...
Me:  *cringe face*
Officer:  I know you're late.  Slow down and have a good day.

Guess who had my vote for sheriff the next day?


I know I've written before about my office mice, but now we have house mice.  This I am NOT cool with.  Howard has set some traps and has caught a few here and there.  For all I know, he's caught a ton but I ask him not to tell me about them because I just don't want to know. 

I came home from work one afternoon and walked into the kitchen.  I went to toss some trash into the trash can under the sink but noticed Howard had taken the trash out and not replaced the bag.  So I grabbed a new bag from under the sink and pulled the trash can out to replace it.  And something jumped at my hand.  I was so startled, I flung the trash can across the floor where it, thankfully, landed upright.  It took me forever to catch my breath and find the courage to pick the trash can back up and take it outside to let it go.  And then I'm sure he came right back in.


We weren't able to make it home for Thanksgiving this year but our friends, Matt & Katie, decided to come out to KY and join us.  Which means I had to do more than get Chinese take-out and sit around in my pajamas all day watching football.  It was worth it though.  We had a lot of fun.  We even introduced them to Spice Jenga!  Don't let them try and tell you it's not fun.  Thanks for visiting guys =)  Here is proof I cooked.  So what if half of it came from a box or can? 


And just because, here's a picture of the sunset from last night.  Forgive the picture quality, I was driving but it was just too amazing not to get this on film.