Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Date Night

Last night Howard and I did something that, in the history of our 3.5 year relationship, we have never done.  Dinner and a movie.  I know it's crazy.  That's like a typical date but Howard and I have never been typical.  I have been dying to see a movie in 3D ever since the Ice Age 3 debacle.  When I saw A Christmas Carol was coming out in 3D, I told Howard we were definitely going to see it.  And we did!  We met for dinner at The Big Apple Cafe in Murray and then headed over to the theater.

Two years ago, when we first moved to Benton, Howard's co-worker, Donnie, who helped us move in, gave us two free passes to the Murray movie theater along with a $5 concession voucher.  Since it's been more than two years since we've been to a movie theater, I still had them sitting on the desk in our apartment.  I figured they would definitely be expired but I grabbed them before leaving anyway.  To our surprise, they still worked so we only paid for the 3D glasses, a total of $4 for the pair.  Then with the voucher for the concession stand, we spent a whole $1 on popcorn and a soda.  Pretty cheap night at the movies! 

The movie was very good, although I am over my obsession with 3D movies.  The glasses made my eyes extremely dry and I was happy when a part near the end made me cry because it felt good to rewet my eyeballs.  I welcomed the tears.  Also, this movie was kind of scary.  It's rated PG but there was some parts I questioned as kid-friendly.  Even Howard said he might have nightmares.  But overall, we had a very nice night.  I'm sure we will do it again in another 3 years or so. 

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