Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Howard was out of town last night so of course, like usual, I decided that it was a fantastic idea to let the dogs sleep with me. He hates this. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? Jack pretty much knows that when Howard is out of town, he gets bedroom priveleges so before I was even out of the bathroom he was already on the bed waiting for me. So I snuggled up in bed with Jack curled up next to me. His head was resting on the side of my stomach. Copper was in his usual spot on Howard's pillow. All was calm. I closed my eyes and went to pull the covers up to my chin and that's when I felt it. My shirt was wet. And chunky. I threw off the covers to discover my worst fear. Jack had thrown up on me. But somehow it was EVERYWHERE. All over my shirt, the comforter, the sheets, him. This is what we call Karma. It's a bitch. An hour later, I was back in bed with a new t-shirt, comforter and sheets. ALONE.

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