Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Statement from John

I got a phone call this morning from someone who told me it was urgent they get in touch with John for a statement.  He was out loading a truck so I couldn't get him on the phone (to my dismay).  I wrote the message down and went outside to give it to him. 

M:  John, this guy called for you and said it was urgent that you call him and give him your statement.
J:  Awwww nah!  What did I do this time?  I don't think I've done anything too illegal lately.  Wait...there was...nah, that was like 2 months ago.
M:  He didn't identify himself as a police officer or anything, he just said he needed a statement from you.
J:  Awwww nah!  I know what this be about.  I saw that girl fall off the truck. 
M:  What girl?
J:  This girl.  They were all drunk driving around and she fell off the back and then the other guy was so drunk that he turned around and then ran back over her!  She had a hole in her head.  I ain't lyin. I had tears in my eyes.
M:  Um, ok, yeah, that's probably what it's about then.
J:  She must be trying to get some money or somethin.  I might be able to get a case of beer out of the deal!
M:  Mmmhmmm.  Just call him when you are at lunch.

I went into the breakroom at lunch and asked if he had called yet which he hadn't.  He asked me to call and find out who it was to which I said no.  I walked with him to the phone and dialed the number and extension for him then left him alone.  He came in to my office a couple minutes later.

J:  Well, apparently I was just supposed to listen to some music.
M:  What?
J:  Well this girl answered and I asked for the guy you told me to and then she starting playing music like diddly-dee, diddly-doo, diddly-dee.  It was ok I guess but not really my kind of music.  After while I just hung up because they weren't going to play any Rock and I didn't really want to give a statement on the other stuff they played.
M:  (Speechless)
J:  Thanks though!

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  1. Awwwwwwww nah!

    I'm going to start integrating that phrase into my daily life and see how many Northwesterners freak out.