Wednesday, November 4, 2009

R.I.P Fievel

Working here has desensitized me to most rodents and insects. There are spiders everywhere. There is one above my desk on the wall right now and I honestly don't care. I barely notice them anymore. We also have mice and I like to name them. I name them all Fievel though. My boss doesn't look so fondly upon my Fievels and one day when I wasn't around, decided to place rat poison in discrete places where I wouldn't outright see them. Last Friday, I saw Fievel scampering from behind the copier to the credenza several times. It wasn't until I went to the copier and looked behind the credenza that I discovered the poison.

I knew Fievel's days were numbered. However, I wasn't expecting to find him on the carpet two feet from my desk. I have no idea how long he's been there since it's hard to see anything on this horrible brown and green paisley carpet we've got here. My boss told me he would get rid of him and then walked out and hasn't come back for over an hour. So I'm stuck here staring at Fievel.

I decided to do what any normal person would do and take a picture. And then I sent that picture to my new BFF Rachel so she could feel my pain. And then she said a few words:

he had a rough life
and just as the crazy whirl of colors on the carpet below him, the world will continue spinning
he is in a better place
the land of cheese
you will be missed, Fievel. Asalakalakum Amen.

So sweet.

I called in Mike to be my hero and remove Fievel. He scooped him up into a piece of paper and right then, Hot Rod walked in, saw the mouse and said, no joke, "OOO, a dead mouse! A mouse burger! Dinner!"

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