Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Trip to Indy

For those of you who read Leslie's blog, most of this was already posted there. Oh, I also stole her pictures ;) Just a warning so you aren't wasting precious, valuable time!

Saturday morning, Howard and I dropped the dogs off with Liz and headed up to Indy. Howard wanted breakfast even though it was nearing 11 am so we stopped at Waffle House. I have no idea why we continue to go there. They never ever get our orders right. And it's really not that good. But it was breakfast so Howard was happy...for the most part. I, however, had some nastiness floating in my coke that I didn't realize was there until after I had drank half the glass so that pretty much ruined the meal for me.

Of course my back started acting up during the drive so I had to stop 4 or 5 times to get out and stretch. There was no way I was going to have a repeat of our last vacation where I was in blinding pain for the duration of the trip. We finally arrived at Chris and Leslie's apartment around 5 pm. We had a great time that night carving pumpkins and playing cards and apparently I like licking my hands...News to me. Chris made sloppy joes and it was my first time ever having them. They were pretty dang good. Leslie was also kind enough to make a trip to Einstein's for me to get me bagels!! Last week she told me about some argument her dad and her were having over my bagel situation and managed to find out what kind I liked in the process. I didn't have a clue. I thought she was just really interested in my bagel predicament.

See that tiny little thing in the middle? Yeah, that would be mine. But you should have seen the size of the stem! That's what counts. Trust me.

Sunday morning, we arrived at the tailgate lot right across from the stadium. That's Lucas Oil Stadium behind us. We left the lot a little early so we could go see Leslie's brick.

This picture wasn't taken the day of the game (obviously since she is wearing a different jersey). Again, I stole it from Leslie but how cool is it that she has a brick right up at the stadium.

At some point during the game, Howard informed Leslie that he had turned all of the Colts stuff in the bedroom around to face the wall. The night before they had had a conversation about how superstitious they were about their teams. It didn't work though and although the game was close, the Colts pulled it out to remain undefeated. We had a great time anyway. We headed back to their apartment afterwards and were greeted by Hank, their new puppy at the door. Hank is supposed to be crated during the day. Somehow he managed to escape and had done a number on a Bud Light can, literally ripping it to shreds as well as tearing up Leslie's season tickets. Fortunately they are pretty easy to replace.

Thanks for having us up Leslie!

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