Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday Howard had his last soccer game of the season but instead of being at 6 pm like most of his games this season, his game started at 8 pm. We had a lot of time to kill so we finally decided to go see Ice Age in 3D which we have both been wanting to see for a while now. We haven't been to a movie in the theater since the Simpsons came out in the summer of 2007 so this was kind of a big deal for us. The movie started at 4:20 in Paducah so I left work early to go home and take the dogs out. I got to the theater at 4:10 and went up to the booth to get tickets. Here is our conversation:

Me: Two for Ice Age in 3D please.
Guy: Sorry m'am. The projector broke this morning in our 3D theater so we won't be showing Ice Age in 3D today.
Me: What?
Guy: The projector broke this morning in our 3D theater.
Me: (staring at him like he must be lying)
Guy: We have another showing at 5:30 in a different theater though.
Me: Is it in 3D?
Guy: Um, no.
Me: Well then that's just pointless. When are you going to fix the 3D screen?
Guy: Oh! It will definitely be fixed by tomorrow.
Me: Ok, good. How long will you be playing Ice Age in 3D?
Guy: (looks down) Actually, we are starting a new 3D movie tomorrow so today is the last day.

I actually couldn't help but laugh though. This only happens to me. So then we had no idea what to do. We ended up going over to the bar but only to get some food to kill some time. We then went to the soccer field at 6 anyway so Howard could sub in other games that didn't have enough players. We watched the first game since they had enough players and then he played some in the second game at 7.

His game started at 8 and they were short one player and it happened to be the goalie. While Howard was playing in the game at 7, I was talking to this guy Jacob on his team. He asked me if Marcus, the goalie, was coming and I said "Well he texted Howard on Tuesday when he wasn't going to make it and he hasn't texted yet to..." I trailed off realizing we had been on the field since 6 and Howard's phone was in his car. Sure enough, when I checked Howard's phone, there was a text from Marcus saying he couldn't make it. When Howard walked up to me I told him I had good news and bad news. The bad news being Marcus wasn't coming. He automatically guessed the good news as he got to play goalie. He's been wanting to play all season.

They were playing against one of the worst teams in the league that consisted of three sixteen year old girls and their fathers and one pretty bad goalie. I don't even know what the final score was but it was something like 20-0. I started to feel bad for them about goal 10. One of the guys on Howard's team said something about only being able to head the ball in from then on and one of the girls overheard them and got pretty upset (rightfully so). She called him a name or two and then of course he had to talk back to her. Then the goalie got upset because he thought this guy was thanking him for the goal everytime he scored on him when actually the guy was thanking his team for passing him the ball. It was a mess. Speaking of mess, I was standing on the sideline when a ball flew past me over onto the baseball diamond. I ran to go get it not thinking about all the rain we've had. I sunk about 4 inches into the sand/mud and couldn't move and everyone was staring at me waiting for the ball. Good times. I just love the feel of squishy mud between my toes...

When Howard's game ended, he was asked to stick around and play goalie again for the last game. As much as I wanted to stay and watch, standing around in the grass barefooted thinking that bugs were devouring my feet was getting to be too much for me to handle so I left. When Howard got home an hour later he told me that while sliding to save a ball from going in the goal, he felt his shoulder pop. It's still sore today so I doubt we are playing any golf this weekend. He also let 2 goals in but they still won 10-2 so he was ok with that.

On a random note, we were at Fridays this past Wednesday playing the NTN game when a question came up about George Mason University. You would have thought I won the lottery, I was so excited. I started pointing and screaming, "I went there, I went there!!" Not that anyone seemed to care and everyone got it right without my help. Go figure, I get disappointed when people don't know where my school is but when a trivia question comes up, I want to be the only one who knows where it is.


  1. The question was where George Mason University was located and the answers were states. I can't believe everyone got it right!