Monday, November 16, 2009

I Heart Pizza Hut

Howard joined another soccer league for the fall season.  It's an indoor league with some of the same guys from the summer and it meets in Paducah on Thursday nights.  I met Howard at the gym last Thursday for the game, which he won, and then while driving home, had the following conversation with myself.

Hmmm...what should we have for dinner?  The Niners game is on tonight so I really don't feel like making anything too complicated.  Let's see, what do we have in the freezer...Skillet Sensations, eh, not feeling that.  We do have those Macaroni Grill dinners but I would need to stop by the grocery store and get chicken.  Blah.  Man, I really just want pizza from Pizza Hut.  I should call them right now and pick it up before going home.  Nope, can't do that.  Howard will just tell me that it was a waste of money since we have a frozen pizza in the freezer.  I don't want a frozen pizza.  I want Pizza Hut.  Why can't he just relax once in a while and enjoy the fact someone else made a pizza for us.  Who cares if it costs $10 more then that Red Baron pizza in the freezer.  Stupid Howard.  Fine.  I'll just listen to "Fireflies" on the radio and when it's over I will call him and tell him to figure out dinner.  Yeah, that's what I'll do.  Screw him for not ever wanting Pizza Hut.  He can just make dinner himself.

Not even a minute later...*Ring* *Ring*

H:  Hey, don't rush home to make dinner or anything, not that you were going to.
M:  Why?
H:  Because.
M:  Because why?
H:  Because I ordered a medium, cheese pizza from Pizza Hut and I'm picking it up on the way home.

We must be on the same wavelength.  The man read my mind. 


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  1. that's awesome. i had a pizza hut pizza last was cheesy and wonderful!