Friday, November 20, 2009


Everytime Howard receives an email from the guy who oversees his soccer league, he forwards it to me so I can have a good laugh. For instance, this was an email he received on Monday.

I will get a make up schedule out this week. but i under stand numbers were weak last week.. To make up games will require some double header games,,I just want to make sure everyone will be there before i schedule the games. IF we can't fill 2 complete games should i go ahead and schedule the third?

And then Howard and I's exchange.

H:  Do you think he expects everyone to reply? He's so confusing and not straight forward.
M:  Don't you under stand,, that he needs to know IF people are going to be able to play in double header games.

But the email the guy sent out last night about the new Sports Depot that just opened up behing the mall in Paducah was just too stellar not to post.

[XYZ] SPORTS DEPOT grand opening is this saturday. with life radio remotes  for 5 straight hours, free t shirts, spedicals, the ban will be giving away water, Coum out and check it,, might be suresprises

Could someone please tell me what "life radio remotes" are?  Actually who cares?!  With spedicals and suresprises,, I wouldn't miss it for the world!  Don't forget the free water from the ban!  You better coum out and check it,,

Really?  Really.

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