Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pizza Challenge Destroys Wing Challenge

The bar we frequent has come up with a new challenge. I ranted about the Wing Challenge here and here. I think they finally got it right this time though. Last week they came out with a new challenge involving their 30" pizza. This is equivalent to 4 of their large 16" pizzas. I know the math doesn't seem right there but it works out, I promise. I had to draw it out on a piece of paper before I believed it. The rules are 3 people, 30 minutes, 3 toppings of your choice, no breaks. You pay for the pizza up front (which costs $60) and when and if you finish it, you get $300 in certificates and the money you paid back. Sounds easy enough. Not really. Not when you have seen the pizza before.

Two other groups have tried it and failed miserably. But Stacy, Kevin and Little Dave thought they could do it. Howard and I had no faith. None. Zero. Zilch. But we stayed around to watch anyway.

The guys have just been given their pizza here and have removed the middle and placed tons of slices on their plates. The manager, Lori, has the timer and is going over the rules one more time with them.

They had thought this out pretty well in advance. Go for the middle first and save the crusts for later because they are easier to eat. They chose chicken, mushrooms and onions for their toppings. I disagreed with their chicken choice. I thought a lighter weight vegetable would be smarter. But what do I know? I love how they continued to drink beer while doing this. Hardcore.

They have about 5 minutes left here. Not much pizza left on the tray but they have a lot on their plates still. And Little Dave is not happy about having his picture taken either. Everyone in the bar is cheering them on. And I begin to realize they might actually do this. And I'm amazed.

Somehow they finished with about 3 minutes to spare. That's equivalent to eating 1 large pizza plus 1/3 of another. That's equivalent to gross. But hey $300 in certificates for these regulars will go a long way but I highly doubt they will be using them on pizza anytime soon.

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