Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to Indy!

Howard and I leave tomorrow for Indy!! We are going up there to see Leslie and Chris, celebrate Halloween and attend the Colts/Niners game. Leslie has season tickets and luckily I was able to get seats in the same section off Craigslist so we will be close enough for Howard to talk smack about the Colts since he's a Niners fan. Well at least for the first couple of minutes until Indy is stomping all over them.

As always, when we decide to take these little mini-vacations, we have to figure out where to keep the dogs. When I went home alone in August for a week and Howard had to go away one night for work, he found a place through the internet that would keep them overnight. I never asked about it then because honestly, I just didn't want to know. I really like the girl I used before who let them sleep in her bed with her and basically treated them like her own dogs but I was still scared that's where they got the fleas from.

Decisions, decisions.

So I decided to call Howard and ask him the name of the place that he kept them at. He couldn't remember and told me to google "Dog Hotels Paducah KY" and read what came up. The first one I read off was called Pampered Pets and he said, "Yep, that's the one". Right there underneath the listing was one comment.

"Our previously healthy dog died unexpectedly while boarding at Pampered Pets."

D: HOWARD! How COULD you?!?!
H: What? How could I what?
D: How could you take our dogs to a dog MURDERER?
H: What the #$%& are you talking about?

So I read him the comment and his response was, "Oh, I guess I missed that part".

I like my dogs with fleas a whole lot more then I like my dogs dead so my decision was really easy.

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