Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Two Dogs

I love having two dogs...most of the time. Jack has a little buddy and they spend a lot of time wrestling around on the floor over bones and treats. However, when playtime is over, it becomes an all out war for my attention. I had Jack for 3.5 years before Copper came into the picture. For those 3.5 years, Jack was my only child. He was a spoiled little brat. He received all my attention and was constantly in my lap. When we first took Copper in, he was content lying on the floor alone. But now Copper is vying for some of that attention and laptime and it's driving Jack crazy.

Take last night. They were playing tug of war with a bone on the floor. Copper lost interest and jumped up on the couch next to me. He was about to roll over for a belly rub when Jack jumped up into my lap and growled at him for getting too close. This happens ALL THE TIME. Poor Copper just retreats to the other end of the couch. But then Jack will get off my lap and go find the bone. The minute he sees Copper trying to make a move towards me again, he jumps back in my lap and growls again.

Deciding that both dogs need equal attention, I will move Jack aside and pull Copper to me. And then Jack cocks his head to the side, whimpers and gives me this pitiful look like, but..but...what about me? It kills me. I think of his poor little doggie feelings and my heart breaks. So then I try to pull both of them to me and this restarts the fight over the bone on the floor somehow.

My question is if I can barely handle two dogs, how do people with two or more kids do it?
Tug of war with the bone.

Copper sleeping (& snoring) after a rowdy game with Jack. Relegated to the corner of the couch.

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