Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where Is My Toast?

Howard is constantly forgetting where he placed things. Usually I know exactly where they are though.

Howard: Ugh, where did I put my keys?
Dana: On the dresser in the spare room.

Howard: Ugh, where did I leave my beer?
Dana: On the bookcase in the living room.

Howard: Ugh, where is the lighter for the grill?
Dana: In the drawer next to the stove.
Howard: No, it's not, I looked there.
Dana: (Opens drawer, pulls out lighter.)

On Sunday, I just couldn't help him though.

Howard: Where did I put my toast?
Dana: You made toast? When?
Howard: Just now. I made it to go with my soup.
Dana: Are you sure you made toast, Howard?
Howard: Yes, I know I did.
(we both proceed to look all over the house)
Howard: Oh, here it is. I put it on a plate and put it back in the cabinet with the rest of the plates.

Can't figure out which one is better...this time or the time he left the DirecTV remote in the refrigerator...

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