Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open - Insert Foot...Again

I am the absolute queen of sticking my foot in my mouth. See here and here if you don't believe me. Howard and I were at the bar on Saturday (I know, big shocker!) and we were sitting next to a guy who struck up a conversation with Howard due to their common love of all things sports. When I sensed a break in their ramblings about the Ducks D and the Wildcats O, I jumped in to ask Howard if he had heard of a new sports bar that had just opened downtown called "The Star". He had not heard about it opening but asked me if that was where Brad (an old bartender) had said he was going to work. I looked at him puzzled because although there was a Brad working at the bar at one time, he wasn't the one who had told us he was waiting to work at a new bar opening up.

Me: It wasn't Brad. It was the other guy that worked here about the same time as Brad. You know, that guy who went to work at Texas Roadhouse, the one with the girly name.
Howard: Oh well, I don't remember his name but isn't that where he said he was going to work?
Me: Yeah, but WHAT was his NAME? It was really girly, like Stacy but not Stacy because Stacy is sitting over there.
Howard: Who cares what his name was? It wasn't a girly name.
Me: ME!
Howard: Is it really going to bother you that much?
Me: Duh.
Howard: Ugh, hey Potter! What was that guy's name who worked here about the same time as Brad?
Potter: Tori?
Me: Yes! Tori! See that's a girly name.
Howard: No, it's not.
Me: Ya huh! Like Tori Spelling?
Howard: Um, what about Torry Holt? (Jacksonville Jaguars player)
Me: He has a girly name!
Random sports guy next to us: My name is Kelly. Is that girly?
Me: Oh...damn.

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