Friday, October 16, 2009

Overly Friendly

One of the reasons I like KY is because the people are so friendly. While driving down the road, almost everyone outside getting their mail or their empty trash cans or playing with their kids takes the time to look up and wave regardless of whether they know me. When passing someone in the grocery store, there is normally a polite nod and hello (accept on Saturday mornings in Walmart - then you get my evil move-the-eff-out-of-my-way-before-I-mow-you-down-with-my-shopping-cart glare). This morning I was waiting patiently in the line at the gas station while the guy in front of me turned in all of his 45,739,823,749 lottery tickets, when I felt someone's fingers softly caressing my hair. I turned my head and saw an older woman standing there with her fingers entangled in my curls. She told me I had lovely hair and I thanked her while sort of taking my hair towards the front out of her reach. Did that stop her? Noooo. She went for the other side all the while talking about how long hair is so beautiful on girls and murmuring something about mousse and hairspray. I was at a loss. I began cursing the guy in front of me for having 45,739,823,749 lottery tickets. He finally got his whopping $22.00 and left and I hurried up to the counter. She followed right behind me with her hands still in my hair and placed her breakfast on the counter next to my water and Mountain Dew. The cashier looked at me puzzled and asked if I was paying for both. I'm sure she was quite as perplexed as I was to see this old woman's hand attached to my hair. I politely declined, paid for my items then turned to the woman and gently removed her hand, smiled a goodbye and hurried to my car. Has this ever happened to anyone else? This was just way, way, way too friendly. If it hadn't been an old woman, it would have been creepy. Actually it still was sort of creepy.

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