Friday, October 30, 2009


A creditor called this morning asking for one of my employees. I love to mess with my employees and make them take creditor calls because I'm a mean and horrible person who gets enjoyment out of watching them squirm and make up lies. However, we are short-handed today and I couldn't pull the employee from his work so I took a message and scribbled it on a post-it and taped it to the vending machine in the break room like I always do. He obviously found it on his break and came in to ask me about it.

R: What is this?
Me: You received a phone call while you were on the line working.
R: Who is it?
Me: I have no idea. Call her and find out.
R: I don't know this number. What area code is 800?
Me: That's a toll-free number.
R: What does that mean? Is she from Mayfield?
Me: Umm...I have no idea where she is from. She called from a toll-free number. It could be anywhere.
R: How do I find out if she's from Mayfield?
Me: You call her and ask her.
R: Can you find out where this 800 area code is from?
Me: No, that's impossible. It's a toll-free number. Every state has them.
R: How can every state have the same area code. We have 270. Some state has to have 800.
Me: Fine, she's from Mayfield. We have two area codes.
R: Oh, OK! I'll call her then.

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