Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

1. Last week I was walking Copper and texting at the same time. I was multi-tasking. Copper stopped to sniff at something and I didn't pay any attention. But when I tried to pull him to keep walking, he wouldn't budge. I looked down and I saw what Copper was sniffing at. A snake. A big, slimy, scaly snake. I screamed. OK, so the snake was like the width of my pinkie and 12 inches long but a snake is a snake. I couldn't stop shaking for an hour. I will not wear flip-flops while walking the dogs EVER again.

2. Hence my next point. After walking the dogs in tennis shoes the next morning, I kept them on to ride to work. I haven't worn anything but flip-flops for at least 6 months now. I noticed while driving that my back was not hurting in the slightest. The next day I wore flip-flops again, and the familiar ache came back. I happened to notice that I clinch my toes on my right foot when driving in flip-flops. Like tightly. I have no idea why. I'll realize what I am doing, make a conscience effort to stop but then two minutes later, I'll notice I've gone right back to clinching them. Anyhow, somehow it correlates to my back issues so I've been trying to wear shoes while driving.

3. The only major grocery store in Benton where I live is Walmart. I don't have any choice but to shop there. I now have an ongoing, overwhelming fear of showing up on this site: People of Walmart.

4. Saturday we went to BBQ on the River in downtown Paducah. It was extremely crowded since it rained most of Thursday and Friday and Saturday was the last day so everyone showed up. We know some guys who had a vendor booth there but we felt that since we always buy BBQ from them, we should eat elsewhere. We went to a booth called Highway Ribbery. The name made me giggle. While we were eating Howard and I were discussing what to say if Stacy and the other guys asked us where we ate. Right then I heard one of the guys call out to "Stacy", a girl working at the Highway Ribbery booth. I told Howard that we technically did buy BBQ from Stacy...

5. We were heading over to the bar after the BBQ so Howard texted the bartender to see if he wanted us to bring him anything. He didn't respond. Howard told me that he would probably text back as soon as we reached the car ten minutes away. And of course that's what happened. I laughed and kept walking towards the car but good-natured Howard said we had to go back. Have I mentioned it was sweltering hot outside? I went to the car and Howard went back and got two sandwiches from the real Stacy so we could say we bought something from them. He's a lot nicer then I am.

6. I was driving down a 35 mph road going about 40 after leaving BBQ on the River. All of a sudden, a cop swung out behind me, pulled up close behind me and turned on his lights. Seriously? I didn't do anything wrong. Nothing. Still it's just an awful feeling. I felt like everyone was pointing and laughing at me. Well, until I pulled over into the right lane to stop and he went on past me and pulled over the car in front of me. Then I was the one pointing and laughing.

7. An older man at the bar on Saturday asked me which college football team I was rooting for. I explained to him that I root for a ton of different teams where my friends went because my school didn't have a football team. Somehow this led to me telling him it took me 8 years to graduate. He asked about Mason and the age group in some of my classes. I told him I had seen much older people in a lot of my classes. He told me that I inspired him to go back to school. I'm sure it wasn't just the alcohol talking. I'm truly inspiring. Anyhow, he told me he was an all-star QB in high school, making straight A's and gearing up for dentistry school (he showed me his missing tooth and laughed) when he graduated but then he discovered LSD and the Grateful Dead and followed them for 30 years instead. It was an interesting conversation to say the least.

8. Dentists are evil. Why would anyone want to be a dentist? It's just a form of legal torture.

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