Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last night, Howard and I went to the brand new Thai restaurant that opened in Paducah on Thursday. I have never eaten Thai food before. We were talking to a guy at the bar on Sunday and he mentioned that it had just opened. We went after work around 4:15 so we could get home early enough to let the dogs out but we were told it didn't reopen until 5 pm so we went across the street and had a drink while we waited. As we were pulling up into the parking lot right at 5, we saw the same guy we had been talking to at the bar on Sunday getting out of the car with his daughter. Apparently, we all still had Thai food on the brain. We were promptly seated and given the longest menu I had ever seen. The online version is 29 pages! Howard was adamant that we order the lettuce wraps to start and as he was paying, I wasn't about to argue. They were good but not great. I ordered the "Savory Sampler Platter" because it had food I actually recognized. The Crab Rangoon and Fried Dumplings were A-MAZING! The Spring Rolls, Fried Tofu and Mashed Potato Puffs I could have done without. Howard got the Duck in Red Curry Sauce. He made me try it and I still dislike curry. I think it smells awful and I wanted to tell Howard to go eat on the other side of the restaurant so I wouldn't have to smell it. Turns out we know the bartender there so we will probably go back pretty soon and just split an appetizer and get some drinks.

Saturday we played another round of golf. It was cloudy and had rained in the morning but Howard thought we could slip 9 holes in between the next thunderstorm. He was wrong. On hole 4, the sky opened up drenching us both. Since we are both such geniuses, we decided hiding under a tree in the golf cart was the best idea to wait the storm out. Luckily the downpour only lasted about 15 minutes and then it was blue skies. We were both dry and sweating by the 8th hole.

Sunday we went to the bar to watch ourselves become famous on TV. The Women's Billiards Tourney that we attended in Indiana was airing on ESPN for 3 hours. I saw myself once and Howard once. We sat in the wrong section I guess because there were lots of other people we recognized that got plenty of face time. Of course Howard tried to bet people at the bar on the outcome of the tournament but no one was dumb enough to fall for that.

On another note, last month I received a jar of cashews for being recognized in the newsletter at work I posted about here. Today, I received another jar of nuts, mixed nuts this time. I was very confused and thought at first that it must be a mistake. I then realized I never thanked anyone for the first jar and thought maybe they thought I never received them. So I promptly sent a thank you email out hoping that would solve the nut problem. One can only take so many nuts. I then called the other two girls who were recognized and found out they both got more nuts as well. One of them was told that we will be receiving one gift a month for a year and the gifts are supposed to get increasingly better. I wonder what kind of nuts I will get next month!

And another random item. While I was sitting in the chiropractor's waiting room last week, there was a girl about my age also in there using a phone book to try and find a rental car. Her first call was to Toyota. She was clearly puzzled when they informed her they don't rent cars out. She called someone and was ranting about how Toyota doesn't rent cars. Whoever was on the phone must have told her to try Ford because that was her next call. Again, she was upset when she hung up the phone with Ford after they also told her they don't rent cars out. I politely told her that she may want to try Enterprise or Budget. She looked at me like I was speaking gibberish. As I was walking back to go into the room with the chiropractor, I heard her call Nissan...


  1. spring rolls are the best!
    also, where is Howard from in Fauquier. I grew up in Warrenton and graduated from FHS in 1999. Just curious! Move to Oregon so we can hang out!! :-)

  2. that is a lot of nuts! And I will be laughing about those dealerships not renting cars for a LONG time!!!