Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

- Dearest Ashley -

Happy Birthday! I love having the smartest girl in the world as my best friend. It makes it so easy to brag about you. And plus, when I get old and achy, you can fix me :) And I won't even
have to travel far for your services since you and Jason will be living out here in KY by then. Do me a favor, when you are making the big bucks and you buy your mansion on Kentucky Lake,
allow me and Howard to place our trailer in the back corner of your lot (I need a lake view though). I'll hide it in the trees so it will be barely noticeable. I'll even paint it camouflage! Great, it's a done deal then.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday and as always, I'm sorry I can't be there (but at least I remembered). Not like we aren't used to this separation by now. I think out of the 10 years we have been BFF's, we have been in the same area for about 2 years total. Makes our friendship all the more amazing though :)

Love you! IHYHIYHM!!

PS. I already found a house for you. And I'm thinking it's big enough for us to share. Howard and I will take the basement and stay out of your way so you won't need to charge us rent or anything. But we get to share the yacht and speedboat you are going to buy.


  1. beautiful house and incredible view! I wanna come visit too! :)

  2. hahah yea right, you can live in the mansion if you pay off the $90,000 i need to repay in student loans! That was a really sweet blog entry...I will try to read more of your blogs even though I had to go to your email from a month ago or so to find the address. I can't wait for the future birthday where we can celebrate together! I think the last one was my 21st??? I miss you a ton and love you bunches! ihyhiyhm! hahaha ...dennis read your card the other day and I was trying to explain what that meant without actually explaining what that meant hahaha ohhhh dennis.