Thursday, July 9, 2009


There is an employee here who has been sober for over 11 months. He is a nice guy though not all that intelligent. He lives in an apartment at the Housing Authority and they monitor his monthly income and adjust his rent accordingly so he's absent from work quite a bit to make sure his rent stays low. However, it's Thursday and I haven't seen him in a week. I thought he might be sick or injured but I learned the truth just yesterday afternoon. Another employee had a party at his house over the 4th of July weekend. Mr. Sober was invited though this other employee never thought he would actually show up given he didn't drink nor socialize with anyone who did drink anymore. But Mr. Sober did show up, and ended up outdrinking everyone else at the party. And apparently binging after 11 months of sobriety is not a good idea...really? He ended up urinating all over the host's couch and himself and throwing up blood all over the living room and bedroom. All I can hope is that the hangover that has lasted almost a week plus the embarrassment of everyone in town knowing what happened will teach him a valuable lesson.

Besides Mr. Sober being MIA on Monday, we also had 4 other guys absent from work. I don't know all their stories but one guy said his trailer flooded and he had to put a new roof on it before it rained again. Another guy said he spent all weekend in the hospital with his dad. His dad thought he was having a heart attack but the doctors realized he had just done too much crack. Yeah...

Last weekend, I saw the guy I knew who was playing frisbee golf that day in the park I wrote about in this post. We were talking and the subject of the guy he was playing with that stopped and asked if I had a boyfriend came up. He laughed and told me that "Clayton" has 3 kids with 3 different women. He is currently living with one "baby mama" but constantly goes back in forth between 2 of them while having an extra 3 or 4 girlfriends on the side. Howard couldn't help but laugh and tell me, "Well aren't you glad you dodged that bullet".

I don't know how many of you watch America's Got Talent. I don't. But I heard about this guy, Kevin Skinner from Mayfield, KY that was on it at the end of June. I work in Mayfield so I was curious and looked him up on YouTube. The minute I saw his face on the video, I recognized him. He was in here not too long ago looking for an application. He used to work less than a mile down the road as a "chicken catcher", his words not mine as you will see on the video. One of the applications I made fun of on this post had the work performed described as catching chickens. Wow, apparently the position really does exist. Oh, and this guy isn't bad either.

Just a quick thanks to P.J. for introducing me to the RSS feed! Or whatever it's called. It's like one-stop blog shopping :) XOXO

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  1. what a small world, huh!? Now your town will be famous b/c of him!!