Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Speeling Erors

I am seriously considering writing to the Paducah Sun or the local news network and telling them I will proofread all of their articles before they post them. I will even do it for free just so I can not be embarrased for the people of Western KY. Yesterday there was a crash near the exit I take to get home and they weren't allowing people to get on the parkway. I wanted to know what happened so I looked it up online on my phone and came across this article.

GRAVES COUNTY, KY- One person has died after a crash on the Purchase Parkway.

According to the Kentucky Department Of Highways, a truck hauling rock ran into the median and crashed, blocking the northbound lanes just north of Exit 25 at U.S. 45.

The road is expected to be closed for several hours for cleanup and the crash investigation.

Northbound traffic on the Purchase Parkway is being detoured off at U.S. 45 and around the Mayfield Bypass to KY 58 and then back to the Purcahse Parkway Exit 27 at the KY 131 interchange.

Very sad.

However, on to my rant. I know they can spell Purchase because they did so twice prior to spelling it Purcahse in the last sentence. Where is spell check?? The best is when I am watching the news and the headline they are running under a story they are doing is misspelled. Seriously, come on.

I was at Walmart on Sunday and noticed a sign on one of the electric wheelchair carts. I didn't take a picture because I felt wrong doing so but it said, "Broking! Do not use!" Just wow.

Howard and I went to the Pasta House on Saturday for lunch and I was looking at some brochures for local wineries. On the back of the brochure it had directions on how to get to the winery from Paducha. Maybe I'm just overly crazy about spelling but when you are trying to portray a professional image and you misspell a word, your credibility goes out the window.

End rant.

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