Thursday, July 16, 2009

Definition of a Packrat

I pulled into the parking lot of the bar yesterday and glanced over to my right and was stunned by this car. I told Ashley I had to get off the phone to take a picture of it. On first look, I thought it was filled with trash. After I got out of the car and took a closer inspection, I realized that it was filled with everything you could imagine. Books, clothes, gloves, phones, shoes, magazines, etc. I have no idea how they can drive without being able to see out any of the windows or mirrors or even if it's legal...which I'm assuming it can't be. Later on, I saw a little old man get in this car and he somehow managed to back out of the spot without much of an issue. My question is - Why does a little old man need a powder brush? (See dashboard in photo #2)

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