Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad Day & Night...

The results are in...I have TWO bulging discs as my best friend Ashley correctly predicted. That girl is one smart cookie. Too bad she's not living in KY so she can work on me for free :( Basically according to Ashley, because I have not yet really talked to my chiropractor about it, I just need to do some exercises to strengthen my lower back and abdominal muscles. And my BFF loves me so much, she's going to write out the exercises and fax them to me next week. I love having a med student as my bestie. She comes in handy quite often!

I haven't really talked to my chiropractor about his plan yet because I was in a rush yesterday due to the fact I had Copper with me. It was 96 degrees out when I got to the chiropractor and I didn't want to leave Copper in the car with no A/C so I left my car running. Once I entered the office and looked out the windows at my car, I could see him hopping and jumping all over the place. I then realized it was quite possible he might lock me out so I went back outside and opened one window enough that I could get my arm inside to unlock the car if necessary. Once I was back inside the office, I thought that he might squeeze himself out the window and run out onto the main road. So I basically rushed through my appointment and told the doc I would talk to him at my next appointment which is today. When I got out to my car there was a family surrounding my car petting Copper through the window as he whined like crazy. Everything was alright in my car except when I went to check the time, the clock said 16:16. Somehow he managed to change my clock to military time. He's very clever.

Next stop was the park for Howard's soccer game. I got there early and decided to give Copper some exercise so that he might just sit next to me during the game and watch. As we were walking, I noticed a group of 4 guys playing frisbee golf. I knew one of them so I said hi. Another one of them continued to turn around and stare at me as he walked to the next hole. They finished playing and two of them got in a car, went the wrong way on the one way street and pulled up next to me. The one who was staring waved at me and I waved back. He then proceeded to ask me if I had a boyfriend to which I obviously replied yes and that I was waiting for him. He said he had to at least try and waved goodbye. I can't help that it made me feel good :) Copper didn't want to sit still on the soccer field so we had to stay in the car which didn't help my back at all.

It had rained a few drops during the game but nothing prepared me for driving home. The sky opened up and I couldn't see 2 feet in front of my face. I slowed from 80 mph down to 25 mph on the major highway. Some people didn't have lights on and it made seeing their cars impossible. My back was already hurting and adding a tense, stressful driving experience on top of that wasn't in the least bit helping. The wind was whipping my car around and it was miserable.

After we had dinner, I decided to go to bed relatively early at 9:30. Usually reading will put me right out if I'm tired so I read for a while then turned the light out at about 10:30. I tossed and turned until 12:15 when I decided I should get up and try sleeping elsewhere so I wouldn't wake Howard. I laid out two sleeping bags on the floor of the living room and another blanket over them and went back to reading for a little while. No luck. At about 2:30 I gave the couch a try. My back pain just seemed to be getting worse so at 3:30 I went back to the bedroom. Finally at about 5:30 I fell asleep. My alarm went off at 5:45. I slept again until about 6:40 when it went off again. So I'm working on about an hour of sleep right now. Blah.

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  1. Copper is a smartie! And you are a HOTTIE! :) I'm so sorry you are still in pain :(