Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Update

I had my MRI yesterday. Talk about uncomfortable. I have to get the MRI because I have severe back pain but in order to get an MRI done, you have to lay on a cold, hard plastic table for 30 minutes. Makes complete sense. It was agony. Not to mention that I'm claustrophobic and they don't allow much room in there. Somehow I made it through though and I should find out the results when I get to the chiropractor this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

Saturday was 110 degrees like expected. I decided to sleep in instead of getting the oil change. We made it to the BBQ where our friends were cooking though. I have no idea how they were smoking butts and cooking ribs and chicken in that heat but they were. Howard and I bought a chicken from them but then realized we had no place to eat it. It was too messy for my car, too hot to eat it outside and we couldn't exactly take it to the bar with us. Luckily I walked inside a gas station to get a drink and noticed they had a deli with a seating area. I asked the cashier if we could bring our food inside and he didn't mind at all. It was so yummy.

Next we went to the Luau at the bar. Except it was too hot to play any games outside so everyone was inside. A couple people hula-hooped but that's about the extent I saw of any game playing. Basically it was just another day at the bar. I couldn't help but borrow a copy of the menu they had printed out for the day though. It's a gem. I really love bonelss chicken sandwitches on tosted buns.

Sunday we played 9 holes of golf and by "we played" I mean Howard played and I drove the golf cart around. It was a lot less hot thankfully and we had a great time as usual. Sunday night, I got wild and sat on the couch playing with the legos for 2 hours. Here is my finished product...

After I was finished, I disassembled and packed it all back up to send to Anthony. However, I left the box on an end table and sometime during the night Copper decided it would make a good chew toy. Luckily I never planned on reselling the set on eBay. Speaking of Copper, how cute are Jack and Copper sleeping next to each other. Jack does not like dogs and he usually won't let one within a couple feet of him. This past Christmas, I took Jack home with me and we stayed with Jeannette. Jeannette had just gotten a little yorkie named Joey. Jack would be sleeping next to me on the couch but if Joey crawled up near him, he would growl and run away.


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  1. LOL that menu is fantastic!!! I'm so glad you put it on here :) Great job on the legos and your puppies cuddling are SO sweet!