Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

Friday afternoon, Howard and I went to our favorite bar after work. I was, of course, sitting at the MegaTouch machine when I saw someone walk in that I recognized (shocker!). It was a man that works for a freight company I use occasionally. He brings me pizza sometimes and is really nice but I just wasn't in the mood to small talk so I sort of hid behind the MegaTouch. Howard asked me why I was hiding and I told him about the guy. What does Howard do? He nudges me out from behind the machine and yells "Hi!". So of course, everyone looks over including the freight guy which then means I have to talk to him. What a guy that Howard is! His explanation was that maybe the guy would buy me a beer so he wouldn't have to. It didn't work. He offered but I didn't take him up on it.

Saturday it was beautiful so Howard and I decide to go hiking. He picked out a place on Land Between the Lakes that was closer to our entrance. We figured we could drive almost to the lake and then get out and hike for a mile or so. Well once we turned onto the road and went a little ways down, we realized there was no way to cross over some parts of the road in a Camry. So we got out and started walking. The first mile wasn't so bad. But then the heat and gnats really started to get annoying. Then we heard the glorious sound of a truck coming up behind us. Two guys in a Ford 150 had no trouble navigating over the rough road. They stopped next to us and asked jokingly if we knew where the nearest McDonalds was. And then they kept going. My heart sank. But then they stopped! But then they started going again. But then they stopped! And this time the driver leaned out the window and asked if we wanted a ride. So we hopped in the back of the truck and they drove the next mile and a half to the lake. Once we reached the lake, we attempted to find a nice fishing spot but instead found a bunch of ticks crawling up our legs. Neither of us were in the mood at that point to be anywhere near the woods so we gave up and started walking back. While we were walking, I started having auditory hallucinations that the Ford 150 was behind us again. And then suddenly it was. They said they didn't see us down at the lake anywhere so they figured we were walking back and thought they would come give us a ride. So hiking pretty much turned into hitch-hiking but at least we got some exercise. We have agreed that Land Between the Lakes is off-limits for the summer. We are going to rent a boat this weekend and fish out on the water free of the little blood-sucking vampires.

Saturday morning, Howard took both dogs for a walk while I was asleep. Jack was on a leash and Roscoe wasn't. Roscoe took off. We drove around looking for him multiple times. We figured he had gone home or someone else took him in. But come 9:00 Sat. night, he was waiting outside the door when I went to walk Jack. He ran away again this morning, so I can only hope that he's there waiting at some point tonight...He's really grown on us and Jack loves him. It's so nice to have two dogs that get along because instead of bothering me, they entertain themselves all evening.

Sunday, we went to brunch at a new restaurant called Martin Fierro's Argentenian Grill. It was $14.95 a person. You got a drink, salad bar and a portion of 5 different meats from the grill. I figured the salad bar would be just that, a salad bar. Not so much. It had everything you could think of, different pasta salads, asparagus, corn, broccoli, artichoke hearts, quiche, deviled eggs, crab salad, soups, etc. Needless to say I was stuffed by the time they started bringing out the meats. I took one bite of each just to get a taste but my plate was full when we were done eating. The dinner portion is $37.50 and includes 10 meats. I don't know how anyone could possibly eat that much. I was in a coma just from the salad bar!

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  1. Sounds exactly like the Brazilian Steakhouse we went to eat at a couple weeks ago. It was $46.50 a person and the salad bar was very unique. I was warned ahead of time not to fill up on the salad bar. But we were served about 10 meats in about 5 minutes and so our $100 meal lasted about 20 minutes. Next time we will have go a little slower!