Friday, June 12, 2009


Yesterday after I received that strange phone call, I thought long and hard about whether I should tell the employee about it. On one hand, I didn't want to start anything between him and this guy but on the other hand, I figured something was already started because it was obviously a personal vendetta this guy had for him to call us in the first place. I decided to keep quiet about it for the time being. This morning, the employee asked me point blank if I had received a phone call yesterday. Apparently word travels fast around here. He explained to me that the guy had been calling everyone and spreading lies and threatening his life over a trailer. See, this employee is having trouble with the trailer he's living in now. Fuses, leaks, etc. This old woman in the trailer park they live in owns a nice, little trailer that she was in the process of selling to the guy who called me. When she found out the employee and his family were having problems with their trailer, she kindly offered to back out of the negotiations and sell it to his family instead for $100/month for 35 months which the employee gladly accepted. This has angered the other guy and he is now trying to find a way to get my employee fired or put in jail so he cannot afford to make the payments. Seriously, where am I?

The opening bid on Ebay for my 1991 Fire Control Center lego set was $19.95. I bid on it on Monday and was the only bidder up until 3:06 pm yesterday. The bidding closed at 3:09 pm. Luckily, I am a true dork and was watching the countdown getting more excited as each second ticked down. So 3 minutes to go and all of a sudden someone bids $20.45. I re-bid with $25.00 as my max and it takes my bid up to $20.95. Nothing happens for a minute and I think YAY! But then I'm outbid again at $26.00. So I enter $27. Then $28. Then $29. Then $30. I can't seem to outbid him. He was winning with 3 seconds to go at $31. I entered $32 as quickly as I could and hit submit with 2 seconds remaining. I WON! I don't feel so bad about paying $32 for it considering the same set is on Ebay for $319.99 and $399.99 right now.

Have a GREAT weekend :)

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  1. WOW! Great job, girl! Have you heard of Auction Sniper? My husband is an eBay junkie at times and it will bid for you at the last second. Sounds like you don't need it though! You need to take some pics when you have it all put together!