Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Did anyone else see this video last night on the CMT Awards? I go back and forth on how I feel about Taylor Swift and her music but I absolutely loved this! I thought it was hysterical...

On a different note, I need to vent for a moment. After I flushed the phone, I went to Verizon to get a replacement Monday morning. I pay the $6.00/month insurance so I figured it shouldn't be too difficult. I was given a pamphlet and told to call a number to file a claim. So I got to work and called and then was told on the phone to do it online. So I did that and paid $50 for my new (refurbished) phone. It was overnighted to me and I received it on Tuesday. OK, so not so bad. However, as we all know, I'm a dork and I had previously downloaded a bunch of games to my old phone and paid the subscription rate (one time fee) so I would not have a recurring monthly fee to pay. None of these games are on my new phone and I didn't expect them to be but I also figured I could re-download them and it wouldn't cost me anything. So I write an email to Verizon asking them about the process to get my games back for free. Here is the response:

Good evening. My name is Norbert, and I welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry regarding the applications that are not on your replacement phone.

You must re-download your applications to your replacement device. You will be required to re-purchase your download purchases. Free downloads are only available when equipment is replaced due to manufacturer defect. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Well then Norbert, screw you!

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