Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WPBA Great Lakes Classic

Let me just start by saying I will never make fun of Howard again for following the women's billiards circuit. BEST WEEKEND EVER despite a few problems I had. We left Friday after work to make the 6.5 hour drive up to Michigan City, IN. For those of you who don't know, I did something to my lower back a little over a month ago and it hasn't been the same since. 6.5 hours in a car was not what my back needed. When I got out of the car in front of the hotel at 11 pm Friday night, I realized that I couldn't stand up. My back was locked up. Once I finally managed to straighten up enough to walk, I could only make it about 3 or 4 steps before I would double over in pain. While we were trying to find our room, I told Howard I would wait for him next to this bar because walking wasn't doing me any good and we couldn't locate the elevators where we needed to be. I was standing there when I noticed someone walk by me that I knew I knew. I just couldn't place where from. Then I saw someone else sitting in a chair behind me that I was fairly sure I knew. It dawned on me that these were the pool players and I had seen them on TV. When Howard came back to get me, I was discreetly trying to point at Kelly Fisher behind me when he told me I had to man up and walk with him a little ways because Alison Fisher was around the corner. We were star struck! We finally made it to the room and I was determined to go out and explore the casino. That lasted all of about 30 minutes before I was sprawled out on the hotel bed crying in misery. I literally had to crawl to the bathroom. Poor Howard didn't know what to do with me and I was embarrased for him to see me like that so I kept making him leave the room.

Saturday morning, I woke up and was able to make it to the bathroom without any issues though my back was still killing me. We went down to the buffet to have breakfast and the minute I sat down, the pain about knocked me out. Standing was a whole lot better than sitting however we were about to go watch 8 hours of pool tournaments. We walked down to the room they were holding the tournaments in and started talking to some guys who were setting up. They told me they didn't think it would be a problem at all if I were to stand next to or behind the bleacher style seating they had. PERFECT!

The pool tourneys started and I was content standing next to where Howard was sitting. When the first set ended, Jeanette Lee was signing autographs at the booth where they were selling WPBA memorabilia. Howard and I walked over once everyone else had left and struck up a conversation with her. He then asked if he bought 3 of her cue balls, if she would sign them for him, his brother and his dad. He made the mistake of asking her if she thought Alison Fisher would sign them as well after her match. Those two are like rivals being they are the best in the game. She looked at him a little odd but said that Alison most likely would. A couple minutes later after she had signed the balls he paid $20/piece for, it came out that I was her fan and not Alison's. She reached into her bag and pulls out the glove she just played her match and won with. She put it on and signed it and then handed it to me. HAHAHA, I didn't have to pay anything :) Jeanette Lee and Alison Fisher ended up having to play against each other that afternoon so Howard was extremely excited. Alison ended up winning and he was able to catch her after the match to get her autograph. I was able to get a couple pictures as well.

Alison ended up losing that evening to Kelly Fisher who ended up being in the final two on Sunday. Saturday night we went out to the casino and lost some money. I played an actual game at a table so I crossed that off the list! I only played one hand for $20. And lost. I'm definitely no good at Blackjack. We stayed out until 3 am when last call finally came around. I had not sat down since 9:30 that morning at breakfast and my feet officially hurt more than my back, yet I was rather pleased by that.

Sunday was the semi-finals and finals. Both Alison and Jeanette were out of it already but we still had a blast. I had paid $20 for 7 raffle tickets on Saturday for a chance to win one of five Cuetec pool cues worth around $250/300 each. Right before the final match between Kelly Fisher and Jazmin Ouschan, they picked the five winners. They had said you didn't have to be present to win so I had filled out all of the information on the little tickets. I had even complained to Howard that my hand was hurting from writing so much. The announcer picked the first ticket and said he didn't think this person was going to be present since they had written a novel on the ticket. Howard whispered "Dana Benson" under his breath to me. And then they called DANA BENSON! So I won a pool cue. I had it signed by 12 of the players there. I had watched people all weekend hunt down the players for their autographs and made fun of them to Howard. But all of a sudden I turned into one of those people I was making fun of and began stalking the players down. Such a nerd. Howard also got his dad a set of practice balls used by them in the tournament. I love how the #4 ball is pink.

We went out that night to a bar in the casino because we were tired of losing money gambling. While sitting there, the bartender from the bar next to us came over to chat with the people working at the bar we were at. He mentioned that a bunch of the players were over celebrating Jazmin's win. Howard and I made our way over there and he bought both Jazmin and Kelly a drink to congratulate them. Except he was too shy to take it to them so I did. Next thing we know we are partying the night away with them. We closed the bars down again that night but this time we did it in style with our new friends. Seriously, me and Irish Julie Kelly are BFFs. I even introduced her to Buttery Nipples. Her world will never be the same. Wouldn't you know I left my camera in the hotel room and didn't feel like going to get it because I thought I might miss something. Now I have no pictures to prove what a fantastic night that was.

My New BFF, Irish Julie Kelly
But all good things come to an end and we had to leave Monday morning. I spent the next 6.5 hours in the passenger seat trying to move around so my back wouldn't lock up again. It was miserable. I went to the hospital this morning and they took Xrays. The doc said he didn't see anything wrong with my spine which is fabulous news so it must just be a muscle issue. He prescribed some steroids for me but basically told me that I shouldn't have come to the hospital for medical attention. He said to go find myself a general practioner to help me out. I love how everyone in Kentucky gives me the run around when I'm seeking help. My boss told me not to worry about coming in today so I spent the majority of the day laying in bed reading Twilight. Fun times.
I picked up Jack and Copper last night from the boarder's house. They were all fresh and clean. She let them sleep in her bed with her and her husband. They were completely spoiled. I'm so glad I found someone I trust my children with!

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  1. OMG Dana what an awesome time!!! I have never followed pool but I would have been star struck too - especially with all the amazing autographs you got and partying the night away with them! Too cool! I hope your back feels better SOON!!! You poor thing!