Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bye Bye Phone

As many of you already know, I flushed my phone down the toilet on Sunday. What most of you have asked is how that could possibly happen. Apparently it's extremely easy. The phone was in the front pocket of my sweatshirt. As I turned to hit the flusher, it fell out and I didn't notice until it was too late. I heard something hit what I thought was the floor, reached into my sweatshirt and realized my phone was gone. As the water drained down the toilet, I searched the bathroom floor only to realize my phone was nowhere in sight. I went into the living room and grabbed Howard's phone and proceeded to call my phone. It didn't ring. That's when I noticed some water drops on the toilet seat, which I then realized was from the splash my phone made when it hit the water. I put my ear next to the toilet to see if I could hear it ringing in there. No such luck. My phone with all my games, pictures and numbers is now chilling with the porcelain gods. And no, there was NOT any alcohol involved!! I'm just that dumb sometimes.

Howard had Roscoe outside Saturday morning when a little girl playing outside asked him how Copper was doing. Copper meaning Roscoe. Copper has been around Benton for a couple of years now according to the girl's father. He has seen him at the last two Tater Day's held in Benton where we live. We took Copper Roscoe to the vet later that morning to find out approximately how old he is and what health he's in. The vet put him at 1.5-2 years, gave him some shots and told us he was in great health. We took him over to the bar and chained him up outside because Howard thought that once the servers had a look at him, someone would want to take him home. They gave him water and a 5 lb. hamburger trying to fatten him up. One thing led to another and eventually Howard was on the phone with one of the server/bartender's mom. We made plans to meet her on Sunday between 3-4 so she could take the dog. I was pretty sad but I knew it was for the best. Well Sunday came and went and she called and told us that her husband wouldn't let her get another dog. So he's still ours for the time being :)

While waiting for the lady on Sunday, I picked up the 2nd Twilight book and started reading it. 6 hours later and I was done. I'm going to catch up to the girl that is letting me borrow them before she's even done with the 4th one. They are seriously addicting. Howard kept asking me when I was going to stop reading. I promised just one more chapter again and again until I was finished.

For the past 6 months, I have been listening to 87.7 in my car which broadcasts NBC all day. On the way to work, I listen to the Today Show and get all my relevant news. On the way to lunch and back, I listen to the Doctors and on the way home, I get to scream out answers to Jeopardy to make myself feel smart though no one else can here me. But now that they have switched from analog to digital, they can no longer broadcast NBC over the radio. This makes me so sad. I keep flipping to the channel in hopes that it's back but so far all I get is static.

The sky just changed from bright blue to dark black in a matter of seconds and now the rain is coming down in sheets so thick I can't see out my window and the thunder is shaking this metal box they call an office so peace!

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  1. Hahaha, wow! You are officially the first person I have ever known of to actually flush a phone down the toilet! There have been times I wanted to, but you actually managed to! Kudos!