Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday :(

So the weekend flew by like usual. Friday we went to happy hour...shocker. One of the waitresses was reading what looked to me like the bible but turns out it was the 3rd book in the Twilight saga. I swore I would never read those books. She convinced me though. She brought me the first book on Saturday and I've barely put it down since. So I guess I can cross off "find new favorite author" on my list. I'm hooked...

We had another pool for the Belmont races on Saturday. There were only 10 horses racing so we were lucky to even get a spot in the pool this time around. Howard pulled #4 and I pulled #2. He placed first with Summer Bird and I got second with Dunkirk, however he's the only one that got the money. I had placed a side bet with the bartender for $5 which I won so at least I covered my entry fee. Howard did the nice thing and bought everyone a round. I wouldn't have been so generous so it's a good thing he won.

Saturday night, Roscoe returned. He had been gone since Tuesday morning. He was outside on our front porch waiting for someone to come outside. I picked him up to take him up the stairs to our apartment and he yelped. Once we were inside, I laid down on the floor with him and noticed that he had open wounds all over his belly. I'm not sure what kind of trouble he found but the poor guy can barely move. Everytime we take him out, we have to pick him up to go up and down the stairs :(

Sunday, it was beautiful outside so we decided to rent a boat and go fishing on KY Lake. We packed up everything we needed while discussing the fact we needed sunscreen. Once we got to the lake, we realized neither of us had brought the sunscreen because we both thought the other one had it. Needless to say, we are both pretty burnt. For some reason, I had decided to wear a regular t-shirt instead of a tank top and I'm extremely happy about that. I have one hell of a farmer's tan but at least my shoulders and chest aren't going to blister. I had a great opportunity to cross "bait my own hook" off my 1001 list but I just couldn't do it. I was opening the tub of worms when I dropped it and they all fell out onto my feet. I screamed and it was over from there. I couldn't even pick them up and put them back in the container. I don't know how I ever played with worms when I was a kid. Howard caught 3 fish and I caught a whopping ZERO. But we still had a fantastic time!

So a little side story about work. Last Wednesday, "Randy" called in and said he couldn't come to work because he had caught his old lady with another man in their house. He told me that he went a little crazy and threw the man through the coffee table and stormed out. He couldn't come to work because he needed to move his stuff out to his dad's house. I told him not to go to jail over something like that. He didn't come in Thursday or Friday either. He told me today that his old lady went to jail on Thursday for not paying a $200 fine and she's still in there. He also said he finally figured out that the man was her cousin. He told me that he felt really bad for throwing him through the table but also because in his jealousy-induced rage, he told her about the other girl he's been sleeping with. WINNER!!


  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one turned gay for Twilight in this family. :)

  2. I hope Roscoe feels better soon! Poor little guy! I too have wondered how I ever played with worms as a kid! And as for Randy, well, after learning more about your co-workers, I can't say I'm too surprised!

  3. OK, since you sold out, I will be one of the handful of holdouts not giving into the Twilight monopoly.

    I still laugh that your dog's name is Roscoe. That is flat out hilarious and I can say that since my name is Roscoe, too.

    Your coworkers never cease to amaze