Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, Country Life

Yesterday afternoon when I arrived home from work, I took the dogs out for a walk like usual.  I rounded the corner into the backyard and glimpsed something moving over to the left.  Imagine my surprise to see a horse chilling in our backyard chomping down on our grass.  I can always see the horses from our backyard looking out through the woods onto our neighbor's land but this was different.  The horse was IN our yard.  Once I got over the shock, I called Howard who proceeded to laugh hysterically at me.  Meanwhile, Jack and Copper had caught wind of the horse and were barking up a storm and angrily pulling on their leashes.  I dragged them back inside the house and got in my car to drive up the road to the neighbors.  The woman who lives there had stopped by Sunday morning to introduce herself so I felt comfortable enough going over there.  I knocked on the door and I swear I heard a woman say "one moment please" but then a half-naked man answered the door a minute later. 

Me:  Hi, I just moved in down the road a ways and I believe one of your horses might be loose on our property.
Half-Naked Guy:  What color is he?
Me:  Brown
HNG:  Is he scrawny?
Me:  Sort of.
HNG:  Oh, he'll come back.
Me:  OK......
HNG:  Thanks for letting us know!

I didn't want to be an a-hole neighbor right off the bat but come on, this horse was eating our grass, of which we don't have much of to begin with.  So I drove back home, took the dogs back out on their leashes and let them bark/chase that horse right back to it's pen. 

The picture quality is awful but the daylight was fading and I wasn't exactly in a picture taking mood.  I really only took this picture so Howard would believe me.  When I woke up this morning to take the dogs out, he was frolicking in the field across the street from the house.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot of this horse in the future!


  1. how funny! i would be shocked too if a horse was in my back yard! enjoy the wild life dana!! at least it wasn't a bear!!

  2. Haha, yep. That sure is the definition of 'country life'. :)