Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy Weekend

We finally got some snow here on Friday and I was very excited.  The snow didn't start until around 1 pm but that didn't stop every school around here from closing that morning.  They don't have the capacity to plow every road like NOVA does so they are extremely cautious when it comes to sending children to school when snow is expected.  I was let off work around noon and promptly headed to the beer store to stock up :)  The snow was already piling up when I got home.  Howard didn't get off work until around 3:30 and had to drive about 20 mph the entire way home which turned his 30 minute commute into over an hour.  And then he had a very rough time getting up the hill which is our driveway.

When we woke up Saturday morning, we had about 7 inches.  I took some pictures before the yard was trampled by us, the dogs and the "Horse with No Name".  Yes, the horse still comes around.  And we don't even care anymore.


We decided to take the dogs outside and build a snowman as well.  Building a snowman is much harder then I remember.  But we sort of accomplished it...

The dogs had fun playing in the snow but they were ready for bed when we came back inside.  They both zonked out pretty hard.

Sunday we had no choice but to venture out because it was the last day of the month and we had to clean out the rest of our apartment.  Our road had only been plowed half-ass by a local farmer so it was really icy.  A very narrow, icy road makes for a treacherous ride but made it safely to the highway eventually and from there it was smooth sailing.  As of this morning, the road still hasn't been plowed and it was still a scary ride into work this morning.

I hadn't seen the apartment since the morning of the 16th when I left at 6 am to go to the new house before anything had been moved.  Let's just say there was a lot of crap still there that Howard had neglected to bring that day.  It took us 3 hours but we were finally able to get everything in the car or the dumpster.  The car was packed yet I still insisted that we stop by Walmart for groceries on the way out of town because the tiny grocery store near our new house has NOTHING.  Seriously.  The only vegetables I've seen are onions and potatoes.  The only fruit has been bananas.  I can't live like that!  Upon walking up to the doors at Walmart, Howard declared he was buying since I had been spending a lot of money on decorating the house.  SWEET!  He went to pick up a handcart and I just shook my head while pulling out the big boy cart.  The look on his face said it all.  He knew he was doomed.  He told me a couple times to remember how packed the car was and we should only be getting the basic necessities.  I explained that he has always been good at Tetris and he would find a way.  $177 later and we were out the door :)  I highly doubt he will EVER go shopping with me again.  At least not on his dime.

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  1. Holy smokes, batman! $177 at shopped to the 9's!! :) Although, I can't remember the last time I left either Wegman's or Walmart for under $100. I just go every week.

    So, tell me - how'd you get hooked on Le Creuset? I got (to be read - bought myself) a cast iron dutch oven for Christmas but mine is Martha Stewart brand because it was 50% off at Macy's, so I got an 8 qt for $70! I love that thing. I've made stuff that I swear tastes better in it...and true or not, whatever. I'm sticking with that it tastes better.