Friday, September 18, 2009


Last night Howard and I finally made it out for my birthday dinner. We went to Hananoki, a Japanese steakhouse in Paducah. We were seated with another couple and that's it. It was pretty empty. Probably because a new Japanese steakhouse called Tokyo Hibachi has opened up across the street but we had already been to that one for Valentine's Day so we decided to switch it up. I ordered the Filet & Scrimpies which the server informed me was the best item on the menu. The cook came out and began the show. He didn't do any fancy tricks but he cooked some amazing food. I noticed that he kept bringing the couple seated next to us fresh cups of water and coke. I heard him oversay, "There is nothing worse than your drink being watered down". Except the chick was drinking water and only water...I found it hysterical. By the time the cook got to my filet, I was stuffed. I ate a couple bites and then asked for a box. When dinner was over, the server asked who was taking the check and Howard jokingly told him to give it to the birthday girl. The server left with Howard's card and I commented to Howard that I didn't feel very full anymore. And of course because I said that, a sundae gets placed in front of me for my birthday. I took a bite just to be polite and then made Howard eat some so it wouldn't look like I didn't even touch it. The server came back with Howard's receipt and told us thank you, we were awesome customers, blah blah blah. Howard goes to tip the guy and realizes that the check is all wrong. But wrong in a good way. He had initially given Howard the check and it was $68. But he only charged his credit card $49. Score! Nah, not really. Howard being the honest guy he is, called the waiter over to correct his mistake. The look on the guy's face was priceless. He had apparently switched our check with the couple sitting next to us, however they had already left. I have no idea if the server made out well or had to come out of his pocket but Howard tipped him $25 anyway. He looked relieved so hopefully he made out well because anyone who hates watered down ice water is awesome.

I brought the leftovers to work today. Nothing like Kobe beef, fried rice and grilled veggies for lunch. I was eating my food when John came in and asked if I had a plastic knife he could have. He needed the knife to spread canned spam on his saltines. I gave him a knife...and the rest of my steak. His eyes lit up and he told me he hasn't had steak in over a year. I'm sure he enjoyed it way more than I would have.

We stopped by the bar yesterday before going to dinner and when I looked at the MegaTouch, I noticed that someone had beaten my Photohunt score and written IN YO FACE DA. They obviously ran out of room when trying to spell my name. I worked long and hard and spent a lot of mine and other people's money trying to beat the score that said F U DANA written by my friend Matt. I accomplished that mission last weekend. Looks like I have another fun weekend ahead of me. So Jen and Leslie, you are needed in KY effective immediately. I'm calling in reinforcements. Or maybe I will just reset the machine...

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  1. you have such a good heart!!! I hate watered down ice water too lol :) Howard is a good guy.