Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to Work...Nothing's Changed

First thing my boss tells me when I walk in to work this morning is to lock my car...which I do anyway even though I can see it from my office window. I don't trust anyone around here. Case in point. My boss has one of those huge water bottles that he stores his change in. Once it's full, he cashes it in and sends it to his mother-in-law in Honduras. Aww! About a month ago, he noticed that he was missing about 2 inches of change and realized his son must be stealing from it. So he moved it to his truck bed (which has a cover and a lock) for safe keeping. (Side note: My boss lives two hours away and drives here Monday morning, stays in a hotel all week and returns home Friday afternoon.) He figured it was safer with him in his truck then at home with his son. Yesterday afternoon, he told Billy Bob and John to take some hoses to his truck and put them in the bed while he cleaned himself up to go to the repair place. When he arrived at the repair place, he couldn't help but notice that the water jug had been moved and their was only a thin layer covering the bottom of it. He believes that John and Billy Bob took the jug to Billy Bob's car and overturned it leaving only a small amount of change. I believe he's right. Of course he has no proof because the cameras outside long ago stopped working. But that's not going to stop him from attempting to scare them into telling the truth. When John gets here later today (he's at court this morning...go figure), he's going to tell them both that he has ordered the tape from the video camera and it will be here in a week. Doubt it will work but I guess it's worth a shot.

We had a guy quit last Monday while I was on vacation. Billy Bob called him a name that rhymes with wussy and he went crazy and walked out. He came in yesterday to give me a food stamp document he needed filled out. He then asks me if I can write that we laid him off on his paperwork so he can file for unemployment. Um, no. He then begs my boss saying that if he had unemployment then he wouldn't need food stamps and I wouldn't have to fill the form out. Um, no.

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