Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lovely Day for a Pic-a-Nic, eh Boo Boo! (Giveaway)

When Howard told me he was taking the entire week of Memorial Day off, I thought he was crazy.  Why would he want to waste an entire week of vacation (maybe because he has something like 4 weeks a year) and not go anywhere?  That's just silly talk.  However, I am extremely jealous at the moment.  He has called me 3 times today so far.

"Hey, guess what?  I'm swimming around the pool."

"Hey, what's up?  I'm doing flips in the pool"

"Hey, what are you doing?  Really, that sucks, I'm on a FLOAT"

Currently, I am sitting in my office with the lights off in an effort to reduce any source of heat because I honestly feel like if it gets 1 degree hotter in here, I will melt.  The A/C is broken (and has been for 2 years now) and apparently no one is in a big hurry to get it fixed.  No one but me that is.  Seriously, I just ran outside because I saw it was sprinkling and felt like the rain would cool me down.  Now I'm just wet.  And sticky.

But enough of me complaining.  Let's give something away, shall we?  CSN Stores has graciously offered to sponsor another giveaway here on Lucky? in Kentucky. 

Here is today's giveaway prize:  Picnic Time Corsica Wine & Cheese Picnic Basket

And here are the deets:

Convenient and practical, the Corsica picnic basket is perfect for wine and cheese lovers, picnics, concerts and travel. Made from willow and fully lined with canvas, this easy to carry two-bottle wine basket provides great insulation. The upright position makes it very easy to store all of your wine and cheese necessities. The cheese knife, cutting board, and a corkscrew are all included which makes this picnic basket a wonderful gift idea!

•2 Compartments for wine bottles
•Stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew
•Hardwood cutting board (6" x 6")
•Stainless steel cheese knife with wood handle
•Insulated wine and cheese basket
•Adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry

•Basket materials: willow and polyester canvas accented with leather
•Color: tan / gold basket lining
•Weight: 5 lbs
•Overall dimensions: 14" H x 9.5" W x 4.5" D

I can see taking this to a concert back home at Wolf Trap.  Or down to the lake for a picnic.  Or grabbing a blanket and Howard and heading out to a big field to watch the twinkly lights up above us.  Actually, no, I can't see doing that last one because that is far more romantic than we will ever be.  But I can see YOU doing it.

Entering is simple.  Just leave a comment (one comment per person) stating what you would use the wine basket for. 

All comments should be in by 11 AM CST on Monday, June 7th.  I will pick a winner via random online generator.  Good luck!

Thank you all for reading =)

PS.  A summer storm just rolled in and lowered the temperature outside by almost 20 degrees.  Take that, Howard!  See, complaining does work sometimes.


  1. I'd use it for.... uhhhh.... a picnic? Oooh! Maybe to take to Wolf Trap for a concert! I could have a bottle of vino for me and a bottle of sparkling cider for Ty!

  2. as much as I would love to use it on a romantic picnic with my husband - I'll be realistic. I would use it in the backyard for a picnic with the kids. It's so pretty!

  3. I would use this for wasted picnic Sundays.

    Ok, actually I would use it to spruce up my boating afternoons in the summer. Such a cute little basket!

  4. Maybe I'll take Dana on a romantic picnic when she comes back to visit... ;-)

  5. I need to be included on these "wasted picnic Sundays"

    I would use the basket for a pic-a-nic ;P and I should totally win since it was my idea :)

  6. I would use it for a picnic or even take it out to a Tarana winery and chill on the lake in the sun :)

    And yes Dana, I would take you on a romantic pinic too (if you would hurry up and come back to visit)!

  7. I would give it as a gift. It's a really great idea for picnics to wolftrap!

  8. I would take it to one of the local baseball games here. You can sit behind the outfield and bring food in. It would be very romantic for me and Dana.