Monday, June 21, 2010

I Seriously Hate Titles

Friday afternoon I got off early and headed home.  We still don't have internet at home.  Don't ask me why.  I think I'm just afraid to hear the internet companies tell me there is no internet where we live.  But I had figured out a way to link my Droid to my computer to use the internet on the actual desktop.  I was staring at my real Facebook page for the 1st time in 6 months.  It's definitely changed since the last time I saw it.  Howard got home and announced he was going to the liquor store.  I was torn between playing on Facebook and riding with him.  I settled on riding along so I could look at the scenery since I'm normally the one that's driving. 

On the way there, I noticed several deep ravines off the narrow road.  On the way back, I was thinking about the ravines and how awful it would be to drive off the side of the road into one of them.  I noticed a sanitation truck coming towards us on the road and immediately began wondering how the two vehicles would pass by each other.  Howard solved this by driving with the passenger side wheels partially off the road, which in turn, petrified me.  We made it by safely and I thought everything was swell until Howard looks into his rearview and exclaims, "they just flipped!"  And I'm all like, na uh, no way, that didn't happen and I swivel around in my chair and what do you know, the truck was gone.

Howard slammed on his brakes and pulled into a driveway to turn around.  We sped back towards where he said the truck had gone over and I'm still thinking, this couldn't have just happened.  And then I see it.

The driver was climbing out a second later and we were asking him if he was ok.  Amazingly, he was.  And so was his passenger.  The driver reinjured an old knee problem and the passenger had a small cut on his hand but besides that, they were unharmed.

Apparently they had gone onto what the driver perceived as the shoulder to avoid us and the car behind us, but hit soft dirt instead.  Down they went. 

Saturday, we ran errands, had lunch at Olive Garden and stopped by the bar for a few.  When we got home, we decided to chlorinate the pool for the 1st time.  We had bought some chlorine tablets at Walmart but didn't read the directions while we were there.  We didn't know you couldn't just toss it into the pool.  It needs to be in a floating device so it doesn't eat through the pool lining.  So Howard took a gatorade bottle, poked some holes in it, inserted the tablet and threw it in the pool.  He also decided to put some more water in the pool.  Fast forward to 5 hours later when we were walking the dogs.  I looked at the pool in the moonlight and yelled to Howard, "IT MELTED!".  I immediately assumed it was from the chlorine tablet but then realized it had overflowed and half the pool water had drained out.  So our garden got a good dose of chlorinated water.  That's good for plants, right?

Saturday night we played pool for the 1st time since moving in and receiving the pool table from friends.  I won the first game!  More like Howard lost it by scratching on the 8 ball but I'll take the win anyway I can get it.  I then proceeded to lose the next 4.  Copper and Jack were lounging on their bed in the basement which is really a bunch of old ratty blankets heaped on the floor.  I glanced over at them and thought I saw something small and black moving.  I lifted up the blankets and this is what I found.

At least it wasn't a snake.  Howard captured him with 2 red solo cups and released him back into the night.  Then I most likely ran over him the next day with the lawnmower.

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