Friday, April 9, 2010

Yay for Friday!

I was told Monday morning that John was in jail again.  The story was he missed his classes he was supposed to take after his last Public Intoxication charge so the police went to his house to pick him up.  He was on his front lawn drunk so they charged him with another PI and took him in. 

While talking to Mike a little while ago, I heard the real story.  John was walking down the highway drunk, with a beer in one hand and a pint in his pocket.  The cops didn't even get out of their car, just pulled over and told him to get in.  Good stuff. 

Mike told me he went to John's house yesterday to get some stuff that John didn't want stolen while he sits in jail but the place was already ransacked.  I guess once the word got out John was going to be away for a while, his "friends" declared open season on his trailer. 

Oh and we don't care about our employees being in jail around here.  He will still have his job whenever he does get out.  He called collect a couple days ago but I didn't accept.  I had to dial some number to make payment arrangements.  Not worth it.

In other news, I have a new little friend.  His name is...Fievel (#12).  Go figure.  Amy and Amanda are pressuring me to change my mousey's name but I'm going to stick with Fievel.  That way when this one dies and another one shows up and I name it Fievel (#13), it will be like he never left me.

The resemblance is striking.  Here is my little guy in action.

I thought some Fruit Loop crumbs might make him happy.

Apparently they weren't enough because he tried to get into the trash next.  See him, there between the bottom drawer and the trash can?  So cute.  Until he tries to crawl up my leg...

Have a great weekend!!

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