Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend in Review


I was able to get off work around 1 pm on Friday.  Right before myself and two other guys were heading out, a woman showed up with paper to recycle.  We quickly helped her and then closed shop for the day.  I drove out to Mayfield to get some lunch and do some shopping and was enjoying my afternoon off when my boss called.  He had been off since Thursday morning due to a fishing tournament down in Alabama.  He said the woman who came in just before I closed had left her cell phone on my desk.  I told him that she had not because my desk had been clear when I left.  I would have noticed a cell phone.  So I called the woman and she was adamant that she left it on my desk.

"I'm 100% positive it's there!"

"I went straight from your office to work and nowhere else.  I KNOW it's there"

"There is no place else it could be"

Fine.  I told her I would drive back to the office to check.  I was trying to be nice about it since everyone else has been so nice to me out here.  I know what it's like to be without your cell phone and it's not fun.  So I drove the 25 miles back to work.

Of course, it wasn't on my desk.  I called her back from my cell phone and told her.  She still insisted that it just had to be here.  I started wondering at this point if she thought I had stolen it.  I asked for her cell phone number so I could call it on the office speaker phone.  I dialed it up and listened to hear it ringing somewhere.  But no, someone answered it instead.  It was a woman and she said "Hello?"  Before I could get a word out, the lady on my cell phone starts screaming in my ear, "WHO IS THAT?  WHO HAS MY PHONE?  ASK HER HER NAME!"

The woman who had answered proceeds to say, "This is Shannon at Cheers (gas station).  Whoever owns this phone dropped it while getting gas today".  I hear the woman on my cell say softly, "Ohhhh, right.  I did get gas after leaving there..."  I told Shannon that the owner would be by to pick up her phone shortly and hung up with her.  I said to cell phone lady, "Well, case solved". 

And she says, "Hmmm...guess I could have tried calling my phone first".

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?  THAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU DO!  Seriously, this happened Friday and I still can't get over the sheer stupidity.  Almost two hours had elapsed since she "left her phone in my office" and not once did she think to call her own phone?  GAH! 

I got home that afternoon and noticed that the long hole lining our side of the street had been filled in with gravel.  A bus traveling far too fast had driven off the road onto our lawn not too long ago and left a long muddy hole.  I was out there trying to fill some of it in last weekend and our neighbor was across the street in his field and came over to talk to me.  He said something about the busses not being careful but that was it.  Apparently he took it upon himself to fill the entire thing in with gravel while we were at work Friday.  Also, our local lawn mower guy dropped off our $100 riding mower as well as picked up our push mower to once again fix for free.  I love our neighbors. 


We headed to town to rent a garden tiller for the weekend, then stopped at Big Lots, Lowes and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant before heading back home to get to work.  We planted flowers, mowed the lawn, tilled the garden, planted a blackberry bush, two grape vines, corn and green beans and hung a hummingbird feeder.  It was the busiest weekend of my life. 

I was out front planting flowers in the existing bed in front of the porch and the bees and wasps were being relentless.  They were out to get me.  So I donned my bee suit.  Keep in mind it was 80 degrees out.  I put on jeans and the largest, bulkiest sweatshirt of Howard's I could find.  I had the hood up and pulled taut so that only my eyes were visible but behind large sunglasses.  So maybe I looked like a fool to anyone and everyone driving by but I didn't get stung.  And that's what matters!

While we were planting the blackberry bush, Howard walked off to get something from the garage.  I looked out into the grass and saw a snake.  Strangely enough, I didn't run away screaming.  I just watched it.  It wasn't moving.  When Howard came back, I pointed it out.  He took the shovel and poked it.  (Sidenote: Fievel rounded the corner just now and I jumped and screamed because I thought it was a snake.)  The snake didn't move.  He poked it again, this time moving it.  The snake rolled over and that's when we saw it was headless.  All I saw was blood and guts were it's head should have been.  Howard had run over it Friday evening with the mower.  Awesome.

In other news, I noticed all these trucks carrying carnival rides pulling into the park in Wingo on my way home from work yesterday.  I cannot believe my tiny little town is having a fair.  I'm way excited about this.  Like probably more than I should be. 

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