Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poor Camry

Howard and I had all sorts of plans to work on the yard for yesterday afternoon.  Over the weekend, Howard's mom helped us clear out a pile of junk the previous owner's had left behind our fence line.  They had attempted to burn a bunch of metal and plastic so we sorted through it and ended up with a pile of metal in our yard.  I had no idea how we were going to get rid of it.  I was on (which is like a local Craigslist) at work yesterday afternoon and I happened to click on a link for Salvage Man Dan who hauls away metal for free.  I called him up and he came out yesterday afternoon to pick it all up.  One problem solved.  Onto the next...

I was getting the mail when Howard pulled in.  He was holding his side mirror up with his hand.  Someone had hit him on his way home.

You can't really tell the extent of the damage in this picture but Howard was devastated.  He's had this car forever.  It has 190K miles on it and he was determined to drive it to well over 200K.  He's just hoping it isn't totaled.  This '97 Camry runs better than my '07 Mazda 3.  Or at least, it used to...

We didn't get anything accomplished since Howard spent the better part of the evening on the phone with the insurance companies.  Howard remarked that he would like a beer so I said we should go drive to the store to get some.  His response:

"You think I want to get in a car right now after what just happened?  And with you of all people?"

What?  I am an AWESOME driver.

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