Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wally the Bassador

I arrived home yesterday to find a package addressed to Howard.  We are expecting a motion light in the mail so I figured that's what was in the package.  When Howard opened it, I was even more excited to find this:

It's a magnet board featuring Howard's favorite dog, a Bassador.  Well, it's more likely a Basset Hound Dachshund (see below for update) but for our purposes, we will call it Wally the Bassador, the dog who resides with Howard's parents back in NoVa.  He misses Wally so much...he's even known to sleep with Wally on the dog bed on the floor on occasion when we return home to visit.  Anyhow, it was an awesome gift from his brother Dave and his girlfriend Jenn.

And here is my rather poor attempt at capturing an amazing sunset from the front porch.  I SERIOUSLY need help with my photography skills.  This picture doesn't do the sunset any sort of justice...I should really just remove it now but we all know I'm too lazy for that.

*Update - Apparently I'm also too lazy to check what kind of dog I'm even posting about.  Thanks to Ashley for clarifying the picture on the board is actually a Dachshund.  BUT!  I'm still calling it Wally the Bassador ;)


  1. call me crazy, but isn't that a Dachshund profile? I only say this because my parents have one and I could recognize that profile anywhere!

    Here's a profile of a doxie,$file/Dachshund_side_web.jpg

    and a profile shot of a basset hound,

    Feel free to tell me to bug off... :)

  2. Chalk it up to extreme laziness and lack of awareness on different breeds of dogs =) However, an update has been made. Thanks for catching it!!